Is it real or a drama thing


Is it real or a drama thing…

  1. Looking like you’re frothing at the mouth when brushing your teeth.
  2. When someone says they’re paying, ordering multiple items from the menu, or grabbing lots of snacks.

The second one, I can’t imagine ordering half the menu or grabbing multiple snacks if someone offered to pay. I find it embarrassing even watchin it happen in dramas.

Feel free to add your own is it real or a drama queries.

  1. Look into headlights like a deer and wait for someone to save you…your saviour also has the slowest reflexes ever and so there are two casualties instead of one.
  2. Come on, are there really such completely shameless women like the evil second female leads we see in dramas?? If I was as classy-looking and elegant as some of them, I’d be MORTIFIED to go on pursuing someone who’s so obviously not interested in me!!!

  1. The piggyback.
    Definitely a drama thing.
  2. Leaving an entire table of untouched food in a restaurant.
    Hey! Anything that hasn’t been licked, fallen on the floor or had a bite taken out of it… LEAVES WITH ME IN A DOGGIE BAG! OK?!


Deer in the headlight when the dude kisses you! Really like you didn’t notice the HOTTIE was gonna kiss you and darn it KISS him back.

Oh no! I have a papercut. Let all the Hotties or the One Hottie take you to the hospital or get the bandaid kit and blow on your boo boo. (Personally I still want this to happen when it happens to me)

Umbrella - Always a Hottie to save you with an umbrella in the Rain

The Hottie catching you when you fall (I actually think about this one when I trip at the gym or at the store like is some random Hottie gonna catch me) (NOPE)

Wearing Coats in the house - Is that cuz the HOTTIE looks good in the coat or are they COLD




You can turn this from a drama thing to real life if you would just ‘fall’ into the hottie of your choice.


Yes, and their drinks. Go into a coffee shop, order coffee sit down with your friend, someone gets a phone call and everyone gets up and leaves their coffee.

This is actually brilliant. Maybe if I were 30 years younger though. lol


Oh Boy -

Yes - The Double Wrist Grab -

2 HOTTIES fighting over one girl! (Do you see a HOTTIE theme)


I think @choitrio or @ajumma2 said that it’s a real thing in Korea in another thread.

I could forgive coffee, but please, when they leave 5-star restaurants with whole FEASTS on the table after taking one tiny little bite…I really do want to throw something at them.

Oh my GOODNESS, even the tiniest little bruise needs all the medical attention I would get if I was a queen diagnosed with a chronic disease.


Hanging giant pictures of yourself all over your house.


@vivi_1485, @ninjas_with_onions, here is an interesting read on “piggyback”.


They may not do it as often as seen in the dramas, but some guys definitely do give piggyback rides to girls, especially when they are interested in the girl, or even just friends could do it. Or at least they used to do it long time ago. I don’t live in Korea anymore, but seeing it so much in dramas makes me believe they still do it.


The couple thing in Korea is no joke when it comes yo the younger generation. Couple outfits, the guy carrying all the stuff, hands tissues when needed, ties shoe laces for his girlfriend etc, the girl just is saying the first letter and the guy already gets it for her. And other lovey dovey stuff. Except for kissing or anything further then that I saw it happening in real. To a point I felt sorry for the guy as it sometimes looked as if he was her slave.


One thing I’m curious about: The sharing of an umbrella.

Do people really use that to get closer to another person? Id never seen that before I started watching dramas


The hopeless romantic in me is happy that the piggyback is actively utilised in the merry dance of courtship. So ladies, the next time you wake up in bed the next day unable to remember beyond the Soju bottles in the pop up bar&grill and ask him how you got there, and he tells you that he piggybacked you all the way to his/your apartment, all the while you kept drunkenly called out his name over his shoulder. Fall for him hard, he’s obviously a keeper.
And bury deep into your subconscious to the point of amnesia that most Korean men have severed their 2 years compulsory military service. During which they are taught and practiced the “Fireman’s carry” (no longer used in fire service), the most energy efficient way to carry an injured/unconscious soldier with speed over a distance when no other means of movement is possible. (stretcher, human crutches method, etc)

and what actually happened was that he hauled your drunk sorry ass clear across Seoul with your bum in the air! :flushed::scream: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Narcissism disorder? :rofl:


Oh no, I wouldn’t want to believe that. I’ll live in my nice little bubble believing what I want. lol


Piggyback ride is not just when she is drunk. The guy can offer her a piggyback ride if the girl is too tired from walking in heels, or her leg hurts for any reason, or simply because they have to walk a long way, etc. Like the article that @choitrio posted above, it can be a good excuse for some extra “skinship,” without being too forward/obvious.


Obviously, it’s a drama thing! We don’t want to spend 30+ minutes of drama time, watching the actors eat. It’s not a 먹방 (mukbang); we need the story to move along!


Yes, I can totally see that happening in real life.


This is so sad such a beautiful young girl in that condition. She won’t have a liver by her 40’s. You could tell she’s very pretty. i personally think she was drugged.