Is it real or a drama thing


I disliked her a lot too, but there’s something about her that makes me feel like she’s just a big baby who never grew up. She made stupid choices because of how immature she is. Without doing it on purpose, I find myself liking her and wanting her to be happy somehow… I think this is what FL feels, too. That’s why she sticks with her even when she treats her so badly sometimes. Gun Sook has no one else to lean on and she knows it.

What I’m glad about is that the ML isn’t like the usual guy who doesn’t involve himself with the SFL and tell her to scram, just let the poor FL find a way out. It’s so terribly funny but at the same time romantic… the way he roasts her, tries to make her jealous and calls her out all the time just because she picks on the FL. :joy::joy: That’s actually why I feel sorry for her!

The actress played a similar frenemy role in Suspicious Partner. I really wish she’d get a main role somtime, she seems like such a nice person! She’s never an outright bad-with-no-hope-of-reforming character.


I do feel for her - her husband - I mean seriously just give her a credit card instead of a honeymoon - she must be awful lonely and she covers it up by being MEAN! I do feel for her yes.! I want to punch the husband in the nose.


The friends in dramas are always the real MVPs :joy: I honestly love the friendships in Tomorrow With You… when FL’s friend’s house becomes the “home for abandoned wives”… I laughed so hard but was so glad for the good friendship they shared!


I don’t think Koreans use sarcasm much in general. And difficulty in translating sarcasm may also contribute to why you may not encounter that as much in K-dramas.


I was watching a drama and it happened again. The skinny FL said that she should lose some weight…


I DON’T KNOW WHAT “FAT” IS ANYMOREEEE :sob::sob::sob: let’s all just exercise regularly, okay? no dieting. some people can’t tell the difference between dieting and starvation.


Something I just remembered, anyone noticed some actresses wear very short skirts and bare legs even in cold days and the oversized coats or jackets always annoy me whether women or men, it looks so baggy…

see how the shoulders hang and long sleeves :scream:


I actually like that 2nd look as long as you can still tell she’s petite underneath - like a boyfriend sweater - I like big sweaters especially on guys. But WHY WHY WHY do they wear their COATS IN DOORS. LIKE DOOM ALWAYS wearing his trench coat in the HOUSE what is that.


How about when they combine these two things so it looks like they aren’t even wearing anything on the bottom? Not a fan. I’m not crazy about the oversize look in general, but sometimes it works.

I’ve wondered this myself. Sometimes it seems like maybe product endorsement is probably afoot, but not always. I assume there’s some secret in the filming process that just makes it easier for them to wear the coat rather than take it off. For example, does it take up too much time? Does it make it harder to make a scene flow? Does it always appear awkward on camera? Or is it just terribly cold on set all the time? Who knows.


I was thinking the same thing. It should have something behind because the first thing that I do when I get home is to take off the shoes and the coat hahaha


And they ALL take off their shoes and get slippers but not the COAT!!!


I think most of us do, that’s why it’s so weird that they don’t in dramas. Maybe even funnier because they DO usually take their shoes off.


Total jinx! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I know RIGHT! But DOOM looks good walking around in his trench coat with his hands in his pockets so I’m not complaining.


Exactly, it’s kind of weird!!


This can be another reason, and it’s a good one!!

He’s so good looking!




And Heart Jail but yes!
Good Looking doesn’t even cover it!


Totally for dramatic effect. A good reason.


It fits with the character!


This is 21 days later but I think your count is wrong bc I don’t give too many hearts and now when I click on heart, it won’t show (this is going on lately) I think we have a viki bug around. I also noticed I gave hearts to certain ppl. (especially @frustratedwriter) and they are not there anymore so I keeping track of my heart(s) to see if I’m seeing ‘‘bugs’’ where there is none.

BTW… Why is it a drama thing, that FL always (almost always) has to look so unattractive, no make-up, ugly hair, terrible taste in clothes, a complete mess? Meanwhile, the guy is a hunk, dressed quite decently, gorgeous thick set of hair, the works!!! It’s really getting on my nerves to see so many dramas like this. They DO ‘‘fix’’ the FL halfway to look decent enough, but I feel this is very disrespectful towards women in general.