Is it real or a drama thing


The signature of the idol drama!


If you open the video up in full screen you can see the title of the drama faintly top left of the video, no?


My girlfriend is a Gumiho?!? Oh! I haven’t seen that one in a couple of years so I’ll have to watch that again. :smiley: Thanks!


I can’t find the spray one. What store you get yours? Internet? Amazon only has wrap bandages. I get cut a lot and take very long to heal. This sounds great for me.


I get them from our local pharmacy (big pharmacy chain in the UK) They even do their own brand. Maybe it’s called liquid bandage in your country? New skin seems to be a version. (both spray and dab on) New-Skin Liquid Bandage Spray.


I don’t know why the YT link didn’t post like normally but it did with @angelight313_168 below… I’m talking about the white truck death video… anyone a clue?


I think you have to paste YT links against the left edge of the post. Yours were indented. (below has one space)


I tried the liquid bandage (liquid non spray), and I almost passed out from the pain. The smell is unbearable too, and a bit scary that it gets to the kids hand, and they can become addictive to that. I was thinking that maybe the spray wouldn’t be that strong. I really don’t recommend the liquid bandage (liquid form) to anyone young or old.


Ha Ha, I mean it when I say

in capitals, it’s why the wife takes delight in chasing me around the house with weaponised spray plaster when I have a paper cut (and they already sting) in vengeance for one thing or another.
I don’t think it smells too bad, no different than a “hospital” smell.
There’s been plenty of times where spray plaster was more advantageous over plasters and an extra option rather than a replacement. I guess you have to weigh up if the sting is worth it or not! :rofl::rofl:(definitely not to be used by any hottie on @kdrama2020ali, not unless that hottie wants a punch from Ali from the initial shock)


:joy::joy: Imagina a drama where FL gets a paper cut
ML: whips out spray plaster canister from backpack
FL: visibly confused
ML: sprays it on cut area
punches ML to the next universe where @kdrama2020ali is waiting next to Subway in the rain with an umbrella, ramyeon, and loads of aegyo to fulfill her Dramaland dreams :joy::joy:


hahaha, you two make me laugh. :rofl:


I tried it and it seems to be that case, but when you posted the link it didn’t show as the video but just the link, if I post again it shows as video… now I learnt something :slight_smile:



OH GEEZ - YOU ALREADY KNOW ME THAT WELL!!! I’m dying! What is the name of SAID drama!
I’ll be waiting for my HOTTIE Who is it gonna BE!:sunglasses: I’ll be there "All About the Kiss"

@sweetybirdtoo I am so transparent! Aigoo!


A new submission to this post that I am genuinely curious about: studying or working hard until your nose bleeds. Is that really a thing? I’ve only ever seen it in kdramas


Unfortunately, it is real that Korean students sometimes study until “their nose bleeds”.

This is from a World Education News + Reviews article:

"By some accounts, many Korean children spend 16 hours or more a day at school and in after-class prep schools, called hagwons . A 2014 survey by Korea’s National Youth Policy Institute found that nearly 53 percent of high school students didn’t get enough sleep because they studied at night; 90 percent of respondents said that they had less than two hours of spare time on weekdays.

Observers, thus, have described Korean society as having an “almost cult-like devotion to learning,” with students being “test-aholics” steered by “tutor-aholic” parents. Studying long hours at hagwons has become so ubiquitous and excessive that Korean authorities in the 2000’s deemed it necessary to impose curfews, usually at 10 p.m., and patrol prep schools in areas like Seoul’s Gangnam district, where many of these schools are concentrated—only to drive nighttime cram classes underground behind closed doors."


Whoa, it’s something I can’t even imagine. Heartbreaking. Thank you for the information.

I’ve read that the job market in South Korea is crazy intense and competitive. Something I always forget is the fact that almost 50% of South Koreans live in Seoul, which is staggering. The city life anywhere is already pretty fast-paced, let alone having that many people there. That type of population density must breed unbelievable competitiveness in school, jobs, housing, etc.

The concept of studying or working hard until my nose bleeds is something I really can’t imagine.


While I was visiting Seoul in 2018, I had a chance to talk to many taxi drivers. One of them told me that according to a recent survey, the issue of unemployment is more worrisome for most people than the fear of North Korea invading South Korea. Unfortunately, most young college graduates would rather work part-time hoping to one day pass the entrance test for one of the big companies than to “settle” for a less prestigious company, just like most high school kids would rather take the college entrance exam year after year to get into the “SKY (Seoul, Korea, Yonsei)” universities than to go to a less prestigious university.


Wow that is curious. I would love to learn more about why that is. If the lesser-known companies and universities are just as good on paper but don’t have the prestigious well-known names.


It’s the same in India, so I think I can answer this…
If you don’t get into a top university, top company scouts won’t come to scout you. Even on job resumes, your university name alone might let them even consider you.
Here in India, Mumbai University is known for being full of corruption, so some very prestigious companies blatantly add a clause on job recruiting ads: “Mumbai University students may not apply.” Your university is your label. Automatically adds to your “status”.
The competition especially for the medical and engineering fields is CRAZY, since there are two national exams (JEE- engineering and NEET- medical) that will decide everything. There’s a whole city called Kota in Rajasthan that is the HQ of coaching classes. Determined students pack their bags and move there, where they basically just study without distractions for one or two years.
" Kota is not just a coaching factory but a pressure cooker situation for JEE and NEET aspirants. Some students , not able to handle this pressure, fall into depression, which leads to unfortunate incidents like suicides."


@sa11, even in the USA, networking is a perk offered by prestigious schools. Well, if you can imagine that perk being 10 times, 100 times more valuable in Korea, you can see why everyone tries so hard to get into those prestigious schools.