Is it real or a drama thing


Ok in the Hospital - What is up with bringing a box of JUICE to the person in the hospital??? I have seen that dozens of times!


I’m pretty sure this is a real thing, not just a drama thing.

Visiting sick people or someone in the hospital in Korea is called byeongmunan, and when you visit you don’t go empty handed, things to promote good health seem to be the norm and I guess juice, or health tonics fall into that category.

To visit or not to visit < Korea’s medical culture series < Special < 기사본문 - KBR (

  1. Sleeping in same clothes they wore all day… is this real :laughing: including heavy make up

  2. The big water splash when a car drives in a water puddle and the man is hugging her to protect her from the splash on the curbside… is this real, why would you just stand there and not moving away :laughing:
    In this case it’s the opposite, they guy is using the girl as a shield, lol

  3. The white truck death… must be a drama thing… and often predictable :open_mouth:

  4. Ridiculously oversized coats/jackets and women too short skirts, even when it’s freezing… they also tend to eat with these “giant coats” :rofl:

  5. Scenes even in historicals where a person needs to go to the toilette and there are walking funny cos they are holding it or make funny movements and also showing folks sitting on the toilette themselves, lol :rofl: it seems constipation is a common thing in Korea as they often show persons who have or had hemorrhoides/surgery

  6. The too obvious product promotions/placements like instant coffee, any kind of juices or herbal tonics, cosmetics and “Subway sandwiches”, I always skip those sandwiches!!


I’m not a huge fan of Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok-joo, but that scene is really funny. :laughing:


I was watching this drama(i forgot which, I’ve been binging here and there lol) and the FL is about to get hit by a car for the usual deer-in-the headlights scene and the ML just comes and plucks her out of the path of the car :joy: I was so surprised that he didn’t come spinning to put his body in the way in slow motion-- he literally just plucks her off the road it was so funny to me, refreshing for once lol

Also, there’s this scene in another drama (if I name it, it counts as a spoiler :wink:) where the Ml gets stabbed and stuff and when he wakes up he’s like “Who am I? Where am I?”
I was so mad at the writers for trying to pull the amnesia plot for a moment, but the next moment he looks at his surprised girlfriend and asks her, “Who are you?” and she looks at him for two seconds and replies “I’M YOUR MOTHER.”
I almost died laughing, it was so funny. :joy::joy: Moral of the story: Don’t try to pull health tricks on your doctor girlfriend :rofl:


Not a fan of Weightlifting Fairy either


WAY - or WHY are all the RICH conglomerate families like the mom and dad mean to their SON! He is like the heir to the company or whatever and for some reason these people are just EVIL. WHY is that? i have seen very few where like the grandmother or someone in the family is actually nice!


왜? Cuz to make enough money to be filthy rich, you need to remove your heart, be mean and willing to take candy from babies. You don’t get to be rich like that without being somewhat of a predator. Later, once they are rich,they can be ‘compassionate’ to the less fortunate and donate to charities as long as it is tax deductible. :smirk: :rofl:


OUCH. You hit the nail right on the head :joy:
Dramas with nice chaebol family members:

  1. Bride of the Century - there were two very evil ladies but some nice ones too
  2. Shopaholic Louis - granny loved her chaebol grandson WAYYY too much
  3. Oh My Venus - granny was hilarious, dad was pretty nice


Oh I forgot - I love that one
Also Fated to Love You - The grandmother is so SWEET


Nation’s Grandma: image
I really don’t care about her character in dramas, she’s just the cutest halmoni ever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Definitely a drama thing. They do get changed into PJs in real life, but they just don’t want to show that in the drama. As the matter of fact, Korea makes really good quality cotton PJs that are very comfortable (as well as some ugly and uncomfortable ones with a lot of frills). Also, most Koreans take their skincare very seriously, and that includes the strict cleansing ritual to remove all the makeup before they go to sleep - unless if they are too drunk to do so, I suppose.


True. And the picture that @kdrama2020ali posted is not just any regular fruit/veggie juice. It’s basically boiled Korean pumpkin extract. Korean pumpkin is known to help reduce swelling, and it’s supposed to also help with digestion. So a lot of people eat the pumpkin porridge or drink the watered down version of pumpkin extract after the surgery.


This has been the funniest version of truck of doom I’ve ever seen. I am hysterical laughing. Watch it! I took/borrowed the link from @simi11 bc I wanted you guys to enjoy it as much as I did.


Oh boy I almost died laughing :joy::joy: all that happy music and “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky!” while bodies and debris are flying everywhere…makes me feel like a sadist but WHY is it so funnyyyyy especially the last scene WHO hijacked that truck and got it to stop??? :rofl::rofl:


Relatable. Although I actually do the piggyback rides with friends, their siblings, or my siblings.


Heck, I’d eat pumpkin porridge even if I’m not sick. :sunglasses:

Which tv show was that one where Lee Seung Gi got hit by a truck? I don’t remember that scene and I’ve seen many of his shows.


And get out the first aid kit if there is any trip, paper cut, bruise, twist of an ankle.

And make sure you blow on the boo boo! Every single time!:boom::boom:
I seriously keep wondering when I get a splinter where my knight in shining armor is and why isn’t he bringing the first aid kit that is ALWAYS available! Where is the Hottie I’m just sayin


That’s odd? I get the total opposite reaction whenever I spring into action for small shallow cuts and grazes because a plaster is too bulky and often restricts movement depending where the cut is (like around finger joints) so I always break out the spray on plaster
It’s a liquid that dries to a transparent, cling film like layer that flexes and wrinkles with the skin.
I swear by it but the wife just swears at me because despite all the advantages over stick on plasters, in the 60 seconds it takes to dry to form a film, the first 5-10 seconds the liquid STINGS LIKE A B**CH!
But I know she loves me :thinking: because she’ll hunt me down canister in hand whenever I get a paper cut.


I’m curious to know too bc in Vagabond he almost gets run over but is with a car no truck involved so I know it’s not that one. Could it be from {Mouse]? I can’t say I have seen All his dramas/movies? but I’m sure I have never seen that scene where he looks like a GHOST (did u noticed?) I don’t think he gets hit but goes ‘‘through’’ it.