Is it real or a drama thing


I really liked the 7 eleven in Korea (and Japan). I always went there or a similar store for snacks, lunch and once even dinner. In Wonju I stayed in a hotel for the night that had a 7 eleven in the hotel lobby.

Now I miss my banana and melon milk again which they always drink with a straw in Kdrama which I didn’t but sometimes they gave me a straw so I guess it’s not just a Kdrama thing. I was drinking it like Lee Min Ho but wasn’t dancing. :rofl:


Yes! Banana milk FTW! (not sure about the dancing though :joy:) They must have given him a straw too at one point.


LOL :joy:
I always love seeing the actors and staff bow and thank each other after filming is over


I did know that they study a lot. But the question is another. Is it true that if you study for many hours you get a nosebleed? I have never done it, so I couldn’t check. And even among my friends who did study lots and lots before the exams, nobody ever reported nosebleeds. Watery eyes, headaches, muscle cramps, yes. Nosebleed? Nope.

So I turned to uncle Internet. And here’s what I found:

" risk factors for nosebleeds are stress and chronic anxiety. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that more than 40 million adults in the United States have some kind of anxiety disorder. These people are more at risk for chronic, recurring, or unexpected nosebleeds."

Can stress cause nosebleeds?

Risk factors for epistaxis


I don’t remember seeing this upthread–apologies if it was already mentioned–but I think about it every time it happens in a drama (most often Taiwanese or Chinese, but also other countries):

Is there a big fraud/liability culture in East Asia?

Specifically, things I see a lot include people deliberately getting hit by cars/etc in order to collect money from the drivers (or horse riders, in the case of the trope’s appearance in historical dramas, eg Imperial Coroner!).

The other thing I see a lot of is someone basically having an accident, running into someone on the street, and something they’re wearing or carrying gets dirty or destroyed and suddenly the other person they ran into, no matter how unavoidable or even not at all that person’s fault it is, is expected to pay some massive amount of money. For example: I’m rewatching “Good Morning Call” and there’s a part where someone is carrying an expensive bowl around on a motorcycle and then, of his own volition, crashes it to avoid hitting a pedestrian, then expects the pedestrian to pay ($12k) for the bowl. This seems RIDICULOUS and would never fly in the US where I am. No one would agree to pay that, work it off, whatever.

Is this a thing? If I go to Japan or China, do I need to carry a massive personal liability policy?


I was listening to a podcast (they live in Taiwan) and one of the hosts was explaining how you shouldn’t go up to a person who had a car accident to see if they were okay unless they were unconscious and profusely bleeding.

If they were conscious and had no visible damage, you should just call the police and let them handle it. If you do interfere, you might be held liable, plus the scene has to be kept intact for the investigation. This doesn’t answer your question, but I was quite surprised when the host explained this. That, and that a camera in your car or on your motorcycle is one of the most important things to have.


Lots of people do this without even being told. Bystanders don’t go to help injured people because they’ll just be dragged into tons of trouble with the police :roll_eyes:


OMG LOL, yes please!! hahaha


I can tell you, that doesn’t happen hahahaha. You just fall down hahaha

  1. The guy super worried about the menstrual cramps.

  2. The girl with her eyes wide open while the hot guy is kissing her. I think that you can choose to push him away or kiss him, you never just stay in there with your eyes open.

  3. The guy looking at you with lovely eyes while you are eating.

  4. The girl always gets dirty with the food and the guy just cleans her or even eats the food in her face LOL.


Seen that only between mom and kids!

Go Back Couple had the best scene in my opinion. I forgot about the others.


But it’s different in go back couple because they were married. I have seen a lot of these scenes and I don’t think that some guy you just like is worried about that haha


Yikes! That’s a bit creepy :grimacing: especially if she had only just finished running around the bedroom gathering up her underwear to hide from him before he enters the room! :flushed::joy:




The pressed lips kissing, if they can’t even act like they’re kissing.


Even worse - the WIDE EYE PRESS KISS


I wanted to LOVE - LOVE 020 - Man that boy can kiss - BUT SHE NEVER KISSES HIM BACK!
He was doing ALL the work!

I can name several of our guys that can KISS - WOWSERS - WOW WOW - ROLL BACK REPEAT


Yes, that was really weird. I was just thinking: she’s like a dead cow hahaha (this is an expression used in my country)

There is a movie too, it’s the same story but different actors and of course, they cut a lot of things because it’s a movie, but she kisses him back haha


Yep - That boy he should get a medal for working his “lips” off! He is a fabulous kisser! I just scream back! Kiss him Kiss him gosh darn it!:kiss:

Here are my hearts cuz I’m in JAIL


I was reading and my mind was:
Kiss him Kiss him!