Is it real or a drama thing


Hahah I just watched LoveO2O and that really bothered me too.
This thread is old now, but definitely would fit in the ‘dead fish’ category. Not the guy of course :rofl:


Wow, yup!! we can add a lot in there hahaha


Get’s outta my way - I’LL KISS HIM!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


hahaha exactly, I can do it!! hahaha


I love love love this drama - But I wanted a REAL Minho kiss - He really kissed the girl in Legend Blue Sea!!! I guess it is direction

CLOY made me NUTS - There was just press kisses in CLOY


LOL they’re an actual couple now :joy: I guess press-kisses work wonders sometimes :woman_shrugging:
I don’t really care about press kisses except when the girl CONTINUOUSLY stares like a fish. Okay, you get three seconds…maybe FIVE…of shock time. THEN YOU GET TO IT!



Oh Marcus Marcus Marcus - Lost Romance


Okay, I have to say I have a limit :joy::joy: I couldn’t watch some Lost Romance scenes, I was shocked out of my skull when THAT scene happened :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: Slinked back to my kdrama.
I felt like I had barged into their bedroom and was shamelessly standing there :flushed::flushed: Waited and waaaaited for the camera to cut away LOL


Best LOVE scene - ever - ever - ever - ever - in the history of EVER

Although Love is Phantom - Whoosh


I’ve seen a few dramas where the ML takes the FL somewhere blindfolded. I’ve watched way too many horror/Suspense/Thrillers, I find it creepy not fun. Does anyone really do that? I’d never let any take me somewhere blindfolded, my mind would start panicking and think they were going to lock me away somewhere.

  • They have these eating habits like either giving a piece of a side dish to someone on top of the rice bowl when they like someone or want to recognize them.

  • Also the lettuce wraps is something Korean at a BBQ, they also do this: “say Ahh” to a person and then stuff it in their mouth :yum:

  • Then often you’ll see when a man takes out a girlfriend to dinner it is usually a steak and he cuts it for her… (I want to cut my steak besides by that time the steak will get cold I think…)

  • Another cooking style is to cut the BBQ pork belly with scissors that is a bit uncommon for westerners I’d say.


This one annoys me so much :laughing:
I want to cut my own steak. Plus sometimes the way they cut it is so unhandy…
No thank you sir, I know how I like to cut my own steak :rofl:


I think that’s done because the meat has to be cut into chopstick-friendly sizes. Plus I’ve seen them cutting meat when it’s not done yet and still on the grill.


Yes, there are people who do that. I experienced and it’s kind of scary and you don’t know what to do hahaha


I think that the scissors it’s ok but…

Probably this is the worst for me because I feel like it’s dirty, someone giving me food from their hands and directly in my mouth, I think that I can’t handle it.

This one, seriously? you have the chopsticks in your mouth and after that, you touch the food with them hehe, hell no!



I do love the blindfold kiss in Her Private Life though!

I’ll kiss Kim Jae Wook - All Day and Twice on Sundays!!!


Cloudy with a chance of meat balls! Once upon a time it is my favorite movie hahha


🤷🤷🤷 What’s this?


But that was different hahaha


You mean the REAL kiss Minho did in Legend Blue Sea!!! Should I post it!!! I’ve been good