Is My Sassy Girl ever going to get translated?

Yes, I know that it’s an old drama – by Kdrama standards anyway – but it’s a real shame that there’s no love for it. No loveeeeeeeeeee :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart:


We really should make a month (or two) for completing old projects, our own AND abandoned by others.


Yeah, I agree too.
Due to whatever reason, some people have forgotten to subtitle the dated dramas.
Maybe we can create a list in which people can put the drama name down so that the subbers can take a look to see which drama’s need subtitling(The dramas that were abandoned).


Sadly, I can’t see this drama bc is ‘‘out of my region–’’ It’s a shame both ways, I can’t see bc it’s out of my region, but it wouldn’t make any difference since It has no subs anyway. It would be nice if the subs were done so other’s can see it. I see bits and pieces at another site and is a really good one.

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From what I understand, the license is restricted to a geographical region where there are not many Korean-English subbers (we cannot name it but we all know where it is). The CM has been struggling.

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Yes, it’s exclusive to Europe and maybe some other parts as well. You would expect then to have the drama translated in those specific languages. Not so.
Clearly, non-English translators use English scripts, not Korean ones. I love the English language, of course, but in my humble opinion, a translation should be based on the source language.

Frankly, I haven’t subscribed to Viki in nearly 3 months. I just use the forum since everyone is so sweet. :slight_smile: :hugs: :revolving_hearts:

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I’m the CM for Sassy Girl and there are a few issues causing the translation going slow.

  • The license is really limited causing most Korean - English subbers being blocked.
  • It’s hard to find good Korean - English subbers who can work on it.
  • The subbers who can work on it most likely are also busy with other projects/ stuff in real life.

So yes it’s a struggle and before you go “then add subs from an other source!” on Viki it’s forbidden to use 3rd party subs or Google Translate (and other online translators), doing so might get your account suspended.
I do get many PM’s from people who want to work on it but 99% are non Korean - English subbers.

Yes it’s annoying that it isn’t fully subbed yet but my Korean knowledge is to little to be able to sub it myself or else I would. So there is nothing much I can do untill Viki decides to expand the license region so more Korean - English subbers can work on it.


Thank you for the prompt and informative reply! Viki is what it is. I’ll stop here because I don’t want to upset the people who are really doing the best that they can, yourself included. Thank you for you hard work and dedication!! Fighting!!

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Of course we do. And we always have. The entire Viki translation system depends on the English language translation and its quality. Which is why I always whine when a project I work on (as Croatian mod) doesn’t get good enough editing in English.

That is almost impossible. Work here on Viki is the first step towards that direct translation, but at the moment and considering the amount of work we have on the site. that’s impossible.

Adrian, you should start contributing! It’s so much fun! :smiley:

And then you’ll understand better how everything works around here.

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I was under the understanding that volunteers had access to all the dramas, region-locked or not. Wasn’t that one of the perks?

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I volunteer here a lot (in my opinion) and I have 15 badges, too. When the damn thing says is restricted bc of the region crap, I don’t get to see the drama. Also, I offered to work in several projects and couldn’t do it bc of that crap region issue.

It doesn’t make sense to me that the volunteers that are willing to work for free, are also blocked by this region crap. Yes, I’m angry bc most of ‘’ restricted by region dramas’’ are dramas that I would love to see bc I like the story. Go figure these ppl out.

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We do get access to some but not all. It’s called “QC Access” and if you look at the wall of old dramas, it says “Licenced in X,Y, Z and QCs worldwide.”


@adrianmorales No unfortunately that’s not one of the perks.
The only extra perks you get as a QC (volunteers) are:

  • Free VikiPass and the perks that comes with it. Depending on where you life you get the plus or standard version. (not for trainees)
  • QC Gift and sometimes other extra gifts but these days they are quite rare and seem to depend on where you life as a QC too.

At Viki QC’s are kind of in a ‘special region’ though which can over rule the regional restriction. For example if a Kdrama is restricted in Europe but it is licensed for QC’s then QC’s from Europe can watch it. But these days with, Kocowa and all, often times there is no license for QC’s either. So if the QC is from Europe and it’s only licensed for the United States the QC cannot watch it. There are also people who want to join teams because they think it will grand them access but that’s not the case either.


Oh, I’m sorry if my post has given you reason to be upset. I get worked up, and then those around me do the same… It’s not good, and I’m sorry.

I do agree that volunteers should have full access though… Or get paid. :slight_smile:

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But by restricting volunteers, Viki is inadvertently restricting the use of its own websites. Folks here rely exclusively on fan translations, since very few of them know Hangul. The deal with KOCOWA, which offers embedded English-only subtitles, shows that Viki has other plans anyway.

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Getting paid would be really nice but … no such hope hahahaha.

Well, I was just being overly dramatic to see if they take that region thing off so I can watch My sassy girl, Goblin, the Water God and many more I really like to see but bc of that region tingy can’t get to watch. Crossing my fingers.

It has once happened that in my Italian team I had a girl who could speak Korean, in fact she lives in S. Korea as a university student. And I’ve also heard a Greek subber who knows Korean. There probably are some in all languages. But they are rare. Non-English people who are really proficient in Korean are few, and scattered. Many, very many of us (including me) are students of Korean (and some of Chinese), but if you ask how many are at a translation level, well… I only know of joysprite and cgwm808. As for real Koreans, most of them learn only English as a second language, and that, with mixed results (that’s why English editors are needed).

Therefore, to find a whole team of 6-7 say, Spanish people who would do Korean-Spanish whatever is very difficult.
But, suppose you find them. And you have a drama subbed in Spanish only. Then, for the other teams to work, you would have to find Other Language subbers proficient in Spanish. But…it so happens that English is the first foreign language that most countries teach their children. It is considered the most useful. Once upon a time it was French, but nowadays English is considered the lingua franca of the business world, of the internet etc. (Not that everybody’s English is really up to par, and I see some really huge blunders every day while editing).
That’s why viki adopted this general rule that Asian dramas are first translated into English and then to other languages.
However, it’s not a hard and fast rule. I remember an old historical which was subbed in French and everybody else translated from there.
Personally, I am a professional translator using four languages: English, French, Italian and Greek in any combination. I’ve been making a living out of that for decades. So I would have no problem to translate from any of those if needed. But ask me to form an Italian team who will know good French and I’ll be able to find maybe one, two people? Not enough to tackle a whole drama.
That is the reason for what you see. That’s why we are all waiting for the English to appear, And before that, our hands are tied.

Well, you could use a VPN (virtual private network). It’s perfectly legal and within everyone’s right to have global access to the Internet, especially paid services like Viki. Of course, I like everyone here, so I’ll ask first if it’s OK.

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As far as I’m concerned you are all doing a wonderful job, one that is beyond the call of duty. My gripe is with the system, not the hardworking editors and translators. I waited for 2 years to see a proper translation for the Taiwanese version of Honey and Clover, only to have the license removed. I feel more sorry for the Honey and Clover Volunteer Team rather than myself.

PS: Since I got your attention, is using a VPN frowned upon? They are perfectly legal and safe, at least the paid ones, but I wanted to know if there was a policy or something concerning them.

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That is a very good question. Assuming it’s true what you say and in your country they are legal, does that right transfer to other countries hosting the site you want to stream from, such as Viki? I think it’s safe to assume that Viki “frowns” upon such programs since they remove the regional limitations, important for Viki’s own legal stuff.

I wonder if in the contracts Viki signs with copyright owners Viki is legally protected against us, the audience, using VPN.