Is there any way of see how many projects has a person in charge just seeing her profile?

Hello. In this moment I´m CM of a new channel and I want to know if there any way to see how many projects a person has in charge just by looking his/her dashborad? I mean I know that there is a form that the person that request the position look how many projects has in charge and sent me screenshot… I mean if they changes her profile to white version… However, they doesnt understand me when I ask them that send me the screenshot of his /her dashboard… Is there any way that I can see their profiles in White version and check how many projects they are moderating? I´m asking this because sometime people lies about how many projects they are moderating because they send a old screenshoot.


Overview–> project contributions. You can filter by role by selecting all then channel role.

Replace my username with theirs

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I know that form but sometimes people are working on more projects like mod apart that they said so I´m asking if there any form to see the new fuction of Viki moderator role just by looking his /her profile without asking them that send me a screenshoot…

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That’s private information so only they themselves can see it. Your only option is what @ilikedeadclowns told you, but there, you will see all the shows, including the ones that are finished, upcoming, or delayed for reasons beyond their control.
The best you can do is just tell them what you expect of them. Then they can determine whether they have enough time or not.


No. You can ask for a screenshot, but that’s it. However, the English Team doesn’t have to be added as English Moderators if you check out
So this only applies to Other Languages Moderators.
Regarding those, you can check their profiles and how far they proceeded with dramas. This may take a while, but is the only way currently.
After reading the current text on the drama page, I’d assume though that you only want some unknown screenshot from an English to Chinese moderator. Maybe you changed it, and it doesn’t show, but so far it’s misleading and the term “dashboard” is missing. :woman_shrugging:


Well I will do it like you said. Thanks.

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Well, I will do it like you said. Thanks.

It seems people here are becoming so deceitful, and that is why I say the situation here will get worse since the word TEAM is about being a TEAM PLAYER and working with all volunteers fair and square with no lies or deceitfulness.

I wish you the best of luck with your project, and I hope someone becomes the better person and provides the information you need and deserve to get. JUST don’t give up and give it your best shot!