Is there anyway to have lewd comments removed?

Totally disqusted. “Marry Me Or Not.” Timed comment 1:03:24 - 1:03:30

In which episode ?

@kobolt I’ll take a guess and say Ep.15, b/c there are indeed a few inappropriate comments

Try to message either the channel managers or one of the language mods. I would try the channel managers or English Mods first. Just tell them which episode and around what time and they can delete it for you.

I also messaged a channel manager once because there was a really inappropriate rape comment (like seriously, what are people thinking sometimes…) and they thanked me and deleted the comment :wink:

Thanks. I’m the french mod and these comments are really disgusting.I erased them.

I deleted these comments.

I know it’s not your job to do so but I wonder if it would help to let the people who comment stuff like this know that they overstepped a line and should think about what they say…

But yeah, sometimes I guess I’d rather not even get in contact with people like that so…

I’m the french moderator for this drama and when I see inappropriate comment in french, I delete these comments and I always send a message to this person.

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Thanks for deleting. I enjoy the comment section. People like that ruin it for everyone.

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Okay, I didn’t know the messaging part :slight_smile: Thanks for that!

You can also report the user for inappropriate comments. This would probably be more effective than moderators messaging the user.