Is this A Bug or Does Viki just want to bug ME?


So i was watching W: Two Worlds and I’ve reached Ep4, and now Viki won’t play it. I’m getting the “Oh no! Something went wrong!” error message and it’s driving me crazy. I logged out(using the app on my tablet) and searched for the drama, it didn’t show up. It’s just disappeared, it doesn’t come up in my search results. All the other dramas are playing just fine. I have no idea what’s wrong.
Alright, imma go cry, puch a wall and scream “WHY MEEE??!!!” now. Thanks.


I’ve checked and Episode 4 is working fine.


ahhh then it must be a problem only for me…:flushed:
btw thanks soooooo much for checking and I’m reallllly sorry for troubling you twice :sweat_smile:


Is this A Bug or Does Viki just want to bug US?

Hi everyone,
With the recent launched channel page there have been certain issues going on in the channel pages… And I am 100% sure it is not only me. I asked vikiers in other continents before writing this :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

So here some issues:

Apply to be a channel manager

  1. For some pre-created channels by Viki, the “apply to be a channel manager” option is available but for others is no available :frowning:
    For example:

  2. For an “on air” channel, the “apply to be a channel manager” option is not available it says This show is not available in your region so why to make it public… It is all confusing to everyone.

The funny thing is that after a while, it gets licensed in our region and the manager is already selected while we couldn’t apply :astonished:

What is going on with the pre-created channels by Viki lately? It wasn’t like that before. It has all changed after the launch of the new look of the channel page.
Or new policies have been established to apply for a manager position that we are not aware of? PLEASE check this internally and let us know what is really going on. Everyone is so confused.

Following a pre-created channel

For recent created channels: We can’t follow channels that are not licensed yet? We can’t even consider them as part of our collections? Then why to create them in the first place. I thought any channel created by Viki has a HIGH chance to get licensed why not letting us follow it then? Still confusing…:woman_shrugging:t2:

Project Finder issues

The newest created channels by viki are showing up in the project finder, I assume it is because you want managers to apply for it, right? But if we click on them, we only get an error message. Could it be that we need to give them some time for them to be made public???

If Viki doesn’t want us to see those channels, please don’t make them public at all. Again it is confusing for everyone.

Even experienced vikiers are getting irritated by the continuous bugs and glitches. What is going on with Viki? :thinking::confounded:



it´s also frustrating that you can´t apply to any channels which are visible for VIKI PLUS members, but nor for Standart Pass members. And when you maybe see a drama licensed later most of the time already there is a CM, which is not okay.
What is the logic behind this? Why can´t we non PLUS Members apply anymore on any channels we want?

the issue with the newest channels (page not found and the doggie) I also face.


I don’t remember who, maybe aznative, if I wrong sorry, just don’t have the time to search at the moment …

The channels listed under explore and sorted by coming soon, if you hover over the 3 dots next to the picture - you can follow them there. This is the same option you have for normal channels you don’t find a button, since it is not licensed for your region. I zoomed in or you might miss out looking for these 3 dots

This is another example for why make it easy, if it can be complicated.
You can only filter some things but then you need to search, search and search …


I only can follow on air dramas on my computer. If I want to follow any other channel (without error dog) I must open the Viki app on my cellphone and follow the channel, refresh my “Following” page on my computer and can find this channel.


But many dramas are not listed there, so for example the newest licensed Chinese Wuxia dramas like The Heart Painter and The Screen Foxes, which is on Coming Soon, but doesn’t have a CM right now and is not in the Project Finder anymore. Weird…


Yes, but I only got the information from another kind Vikian so, can’t help with the other questions, if I heard or read about it I would surely give the information, but I can’t recall anything about it.


I’m thankful for this hint! :heart: So I can at least follow those dramas, which are listed there.


@lutra and @somejuwels
To sum up, there are considerable and irritating bugs and glitches going on in Viki right now.

It was kind of okay before, but with the recent launched channel pages, everything is a complete mess now :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

I better have the old look in channel pages


Yeah, it seems like it’s all messed up because of the new updates and stuff…it should settle down in a month or so, we’ll just wait patiently :slight_smile:


I would just say more or less everything under construction, be aware where to place your mouse or what to “touch”.


Yes, @lutra it was me. At least this feature to click on the dots to “follow” ‘coming soon’ contents works.
Thank you so much for sharing the screen shots.

I’ve noticed recently licensed content randomly appears ‘on air’ when the content has yet to broadcast. So, I’ve started browsing ‘on air’ content to ‘follow’ it.


After searching through Coming Soon content to follow content I suggest you also browse through “On Air” content.
I found two Coming Soon (I think they were “Dating in the Kitchen” and “To Dear Myself”) channels on “On Air”. They have since been moved to “Coming Soon”.


Viki’s Project Finder design feedback form.



While Viki shows me that The Screen Foxes is still looking for a Channel Manager, the new appointed CM is already looking for a team here in the Discussions. Please, don’t misunderstand, this is NOT against the new CM and I didn’t intend to apply, but it’s really crazy for us users which such bugs going on!


right, saw this too.


Again… Bugs and glitches all over the place ,:woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

Please, Viki fix the issues going on in the recent created channels :crossed_fingers:

Or is there something new we don’t know yet about manager applications and licenses obtained for recent created channels? :confounded:



New created channels by Viki

According to those channels there is no license (They say This show is not available in your region) therefore there is no apply for a manager position option now.

But the weird thing is that in the next few days or hours they will be licensed … So to sum up is this a bug or does Viki just want to bug us??? :thinking::flushed:



Why not @jeslynl? Then it is much faster “on her desk”.