Is this A Bug or Does Viki just want to bug ME?

Why can’t we apply for CM anymore if the channel doesn’t have a licence? Or it says it doesn’t have a licence but the picture is there and when the licence for Germany is there then there is already a CM because other countries could apply before us or because they have the Plus Pass, which is only for America. What’s the point of this? This is really f***d up!


Okay again I bring to your attention the issues going on for just recent created channels which will be licensed sooner or later because they all have an official thumbnail and there is no Apply for a channel manager position option… Again :angry::dizzy_face:

New channels

Why can’t we even follow them anymore. There is no bell at all.

How is it possible we check their progress and status in future?



When I saw them at 5 in the morning I thought not again v.v
No bell, I can’t put them in my drama watchlist, nothing. And now I cant even found them trough the project finder


Yes, I had the same issue.

First, project finder is so slow… I have optical fiber and yet project finder takes a long time to load. It’s really annoying and it doesn’t make me want to go on this link to search.

Second, there is indeed a problem with “apply as cm”. Some channels have “apply as CM”, other channels don’t: either because it’s “no license yet” or nothing is written at all like you said, Mary.

For example, Tale of the nine-tailed, true beauty or search have nothing written so no “apply as CM” and no license"

For example: winner is king, hikaru no go, the corridor pavilion, my talent neighbour, marry me… and many others have “no apply as cm” and no license, but there is " This show is not available in your region[Want to see it in your area? Tell us about it!]"

So there are two solutions: either it’s a bug, because we always had the CM channels before the licenses in order to allow to have time to create teams. Either, viki has decided to only allow CMs to request channels when the channel is licensed, but we have other problems with that new rule…

Either way, I think viki should answer by saying honestly “it’s not a bug, we’ve changed the way things are done” or “it’s a bug”… @mariliam

Oh, thank you @marykarmelina for tagging me.


Yes, I had the same issue here😦
What’s going on with Viki these days?!!!
Thank you @marykarmelina dear

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This could be an issue between Viki and Kocowa. I’ve not seen this problem in other language dramas. The fact that it’s only these Korean dramas could mean Viki is still negotiating… they are still “unlicensed”

The previously mentioned drama’s “New Version of the Condor Heroes” and “Legacy” are unavailable in my region… I don’t consider those bugs or glitches, but again a licensing issue. I don’t consider these bugs…

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They issues are all happening for recent created dramas…
Either Korean or Chinese



We know they will be licensed or else why those channels were created in the first place.

But the thing is that we can’t even follow them.

So my guess… New rules or policies for recent created channels are on the way…:dizzy_face::woman_shrugging:t2:


Hi I have the same issues like the others. I cannot follow the channels, I cannot apply for being CM, and the dramas doesnt appears me in projects finder …or in the next dramas… Noone of them :sob:If @marykarmelina doesnt let me know, I doesnt find out that the channels are created. Thank you so much @marykarmelina

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I dont like that cause then we cannot apply for being CM or moderator or even in edition teams…

I dont think so only looking for them cause we cannot follow the channels.I hope this be just a bug of Viki

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You can follow those channels via “Explore” “new” and there are 3 small dots. Click on them and you can follow this channel. (thanks to lutra for this hint!) and if you can’t find any channel under “Explore” you must use the Viki app on your cellphone and look & follow the channel there, refresh your “Following” page on your computer, et voilà you follow the channel.

The matter with “no license, no application possible” sucks. So we must lurk and wait for every single channel we are interested in, if the license will appear and jump on the apply button.


Search and Tale of Nine-tailed are from OCN and True Beauty from tvN ^^ I doubt, that Kocowa has a finger in the pie :slight_smile:


Yes, unfortunately, it affects many, perhaps everyone. The site is quite bugged (or processes have changed but we haven’t been updated). The new design channel pages are "not consistent or current" - info presented, status of channel, etc. The new landing page is quite full of drama status errors - on-air, coming soon, etc. Some already on-air dramas are listed as “coming soon” and vice versa.

I must say outright that I do love :heart_eyes: the new crisp design and I do love :+1: the intent to present added info. The new design was accessible to me only recently. I am still in the process of "trying and testing" before putting in my feedback.

For now, one element stood out in a bad way:

The “Reviews & Comments” tab. All in one page, and not just in one’s opted display language. Moreover, the reviews (often are not relevant or should not be there or be done at all) are atop comments. An unwelcome change, really not helpful or pleasant for anyone.

@vikicommunity Can we:

  • have them in two or more columns, side by side, perhaps? Or have them in a compact presentation? Less scrolling.

  • separate the languages as per the language selected for the site? Why do we have to scroll through tons of "other" languages (often of posts asking for subs) other than the selected language of display? Perhaps list these "different" languages under their own opted language of display?

  • can we have algorithms (for this, AI-intervention is favored) that could preempt “Reviews” prior to the airing of the drama? If that’s not possible, do assign more Viki staff to “clean up” such stuff? I think I only see one staff @jeslynl (thank you!) monitoring these sections. Volunteers can only flag or reply.

For fan channels(new/unlicensed), while waiting for our wish to come true lol, I’ve been following Viki’s created fan channels. I could not find a way to track them, and I did not want to follow every one of them, so I created a collection years ago:

It was “hidden/private” for personal use, but I am glad to share it with everyone who wants to follow it or refer to it since FCs can’t be “followed” now, and so would be difficult to keep track of otherwise. It is only for upcoming C’s because K’s are licensed a lot quicker, or are often licensed when a channel is created.

It may not be exhaustive though it is updated regularly. Some channels may appear as "404 or puppy" when you click on them: They may have been removed by Viki (for ex. may have become exclusive to some other platform/broadcaster), may have had title/other changes, or may not have been brought "alive" on Viki. I do not remove such "error" channels because they may still be on the block for licensing. I only move the ones that are licensed or on-air to my other collection.

This looks awesome! I hope it stays with Viki. Can’t wait!:star_struck:


Indeed, I’m experiencing the same issue too.
But if I go in Explore, I can follow the channels and then they appear in my following list. But that’s it.


@somejuwels @moreenke
Thank you :heart:
At least we can now follow them somehow.
But that just happened now.
Earlier they didn’t appear on the explore section.


Thank you for sharing your collection of fan channels.


Hi nine tailed fox, search y true beauty me aparece en nuevos estrenos yaaa. Pero aún sigue sin licencia y ya los puedo seguir.

You can now follow them. Click here:

Do not click on the channel thumbnail (picture)
From outside click on the 3 dots at the right side of each channel and follow it.


I feel the frustration of Viki Volunteers and hope Viki’s tech staff can get the issue resolved soon.
The channel now has a CM (@addictedtobooks). Congratulations.

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I’ve yet to see any cable dramas (tvN, OCN, Channel A, MBN, Chosun TV) on KOCOWA (KCW).
I’ve read, when the site launched (July 2017), that the original deal was with [edit – was between] the big three network channels (SBS, KBS, MBC).

However, I just checked and KCW now has “Ghost VRos” which is tvN content.

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The original deal was not made with but by the three broadcasters.

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