Is this A Bug or Does Viki just want to bug ME?

I got a reply. Those issues are not intended.
So now let’s wait for the Viki engineers to fix all these bugs. Fighting :sparkles::muscle::raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀


I know what you’re talking about. When I was told I’m the CM and checked the channel, it was still showing that someone could apply to be the CM. It’s quite misleading for those who want to apply.

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I applied couple months ago as CM for 2 movies on the channel page back then it said that I applied. No CM has been selected, now the new channel page states again Apply for CM… now what happened here… is my application still considered or I have to apply again??

I’m kinda puzzled and it’s a bother to do it again…


With the option for apply to be a channel manager I don’t have problem.
But I really miss the follow bell button and add the channel to your collections as the old way

How can you apply I cannot find the bottom to apply…

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Hi, which country you are located in?
Can you see the option to apply for a channel manager to these 3 titles?

Thank you for your reply

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I just noticed that with those channels I can’t, but with the others, I don’t have problem with apply for the CM.

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Thanks for replying. Those are recent created channels which seem to have issues going on. They have been reported and we are waiting for official announcement.

There’s no feedback option either. I want to know what’s going on. I’m having the same issue as you guys.

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Maybe because is just a fan channel, they don’t open the applications for CM.

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Thank you for correcting me.
I found some interesting news here:

Ohhh, no so they may be think remove all the teams :sob: So how can some persons that help in teams (like me)will be able to see all content without pay…?

Yesterday I didn’t have access to Alice ep 3 while I got a note telling me it was up to seg so everyone could seg but me it seemed. Asked staff right away if there was a delay as that happened sometimes in the past… No there wasn’t. And Now I wanted to watch Alice ep 3 and saw this…39

Yes “-1 days”. I happened to me before this past week and it was fixed the next day but I don’t want to wait an another day so I will watch Alice ep 3 elsewhere…

Ohh didn’t know Viki had channels for those channels…but nowhere to apply for CM or follow it. I really want to work on Tale of the Nine-Tailed and True Beauty. And they don’t show up in the project finder for me.

Ohh and thanks for the explore link… turns out I cannot even watch half of the Kdrama viki has licensed. I saw so many titles I never knew Viki had a license for but they all are restricted. Let’s make a list of them so I don’t forget to watch them elsewhere.


Wth. I never saw this. As CM for Angel Dan I never had access like others, but - 1 day is really :exploding_head:

I have now investigated this from my end (Europe, QC, new channel pages) and here are my “results”:

1. Apply to be a Channel manager button is missing.
Among the first 40 shows on the Latest Releases tab I see ZERO “Apply to be a CM” buttons. A big fat zero.

2. I cannot follow any of the so-called unlicensed shows.

3. There are shows where I can’t even follow on-air shows available in my region.

This is not okay!

@jeslynl, what is going on here?

P.S. I also realised that among the licensed on-air shows, only about 10-20% are licensed to Europe. Isn’t that going too far, Viki?


I had the same thing with Dr Kim 2, it was so annoying I couldn’t manage the channel like I normally do.

You’re welcome.:kissing_heart:

Btw, I just realized it cannot be followed (no “+/follow” button). Just click on the link if anyone wants to refer to it.

“Follow” is disabled (or a glitch) not just for some(?) drama channels or user collections, even for user profiles. Although this error doesn’t seem to happen to every user. Weird.

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You’re right. The “Give Feedback” option is disabled, too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


for strange reasons some kocowa content even it’s good for standard pass the episodes on viki are released later than on viki pass plus, it’s a very strange happening. It’s only about kocowa kdramas, the episodes very often like Once again are released on Viki Pass Plus but coming soon on Viki Pass Standard… I find it absolutely unfair treatment as if there is “still” a preferential treatment to Viki Pass Plus…