Issues with Collections

Hi there!
Anyone else having this issue?
Looking at a collection, everything works fine, going from the first page to the second, but I am unable to access the next page …
No “hand” shows up only on the option - previous -, okay, just had one collection when it worked but only for one to the next page and then doesn’t work again, I will test it again.
To look if this is temporary or “will magically go away” …

What I realized that sometimes it doesn’t bring you to the top of the next page, but the bottom and then it is when you can’t move on to the next page.

Edit: Now it doesn’t show the “previous/next option”, but the page is just cut off.

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Unfortunately, the site is very buggy. Please clear your browsing data and then login again. Tell me whether it’s worked or not.

I just had my whole system down, after updates from security measures and browser, that’s why I said, I will look into it again later, sometimes after updates something is acting weird but after 2 days it is no longer, so I will wait a bit. I was just curious, if anyone else has this issue.

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Found out that, if I scroll a page of the collection fully up and down again, I can then change to the next page.
I have no explanation for this phenomenon, but it works.

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