It would be nice to have a "Buddy" for learning Segmenting/Subbing

I really would like to get involved to pay back for all of the time that I have spent watching Kdrama.
Over 65 Kdrama series since April '13 and I want to learn.

I am online 12 + hours a day and in ET / Canada. I speak only English but would like to sub and segment.

And I am a former cribbage Host for online tournaments (7 years) and a former sysop (6 years) in the now closed

The hours I have spent are countless reading Segmenting 101 etc and I just wish I had a 'buddy" to contact for my next step.

I am not looking for QC status or free T shirts etc. I just want to help.

thanks in advance, Omeghan1

You will like the “Segmenter 101 project” that Viki has here, someone will coach you in this and you have a graduation and you will definitely learn how to segment.

Regarding of subtitles there’s always American, Australian and other English spoken dramas that need to be subtitled in English first so the other language subbers can do their job so I think you can do a lot! Fighting! Just search well here in the community D. or just start checking dramas that you will like to help sub and Pm the channel manager about it.

It’s great to know that you want to give back to the viki community for all the awesome things the community has done.

For segmenting, I suggest you join the Segmenting 101. You will be assigned a mentor who will guide and teach you along the way. It’s a wonderful learning process because no matter how much you read about the information on Segmenting 101, it’s a different ball game when you actually do it. You can put your knowledge to the test by having your work assessed by experienced segmenters who, like you, want to give back to the viki community. It’s been less than a month since I first joined the Segmenting 101 Project, but already, I’ve learned so much from my mentor on improving my segments.

As for subtitles, like niennavalar said, there are so many English spoken videos that needs to be captioned. If you want to start slowly, just head on to the classics. There are many that hasn’t been fully captioned in English. Once you are done, you can search the community forum to see whether there are any projects that needs captioning in English. For instance, Dance Academy are looking for captioners in English.

Good luck!