[J-DRAMA] - Recruiting Subtitlers from English to all languages for 3 different Japanese dramas!

For more information message me. :relieved:

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I can help from english to spanish please!!:slight_smile:

@weronikawieclaw Hello are you still searching for subtitlers from English to an other language for those dramas ? If yes, I can translate to french or even dutch if you need it. :smiley:

Hi. I can subtitle from English to Korean, Japanese and Hindi.

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I can help with polish subtitles

I can help with ENG/PORT subtitles.

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I can translate from english into French.

I can translate from English to French too :relieved:

I can help with spanish too… :grin:

I can translate from english to portuguese (BR) :slight_smile:

Let me join!
I can transtale from english to indonesian :blush:

Hey, Are you still searching for subtitlers? I could help with Spanish, French and even Italian if you need it

I can add subtitles from English to Spanish or Portuguese