J-Drama's love stories start REALLY fast - Why is that? Do you have a favorite J-Drama? 💋


This has a kiss in the 1st like 4 min!!! Wowsers!

This is like 50 shades of clean J-Drama

I liked this movie

Is this typical for all J-drama?
Do you have ones that you REALLY like?

A lot more STEAM!

What are you currently watching?

No it is not typical - a lot of Japanese dramas have no skin ship at all.

My favorite is PRIDE, but not on Viki. The soundtrack with music from the rock band Queen was just the icing on the cake for me.


It’s not typical but I can see that the new ones have that style. I really like One Page Love.

I also have a special affection for Good morning Call, which was my first Jdrama.


Freddie Mercury and Queen are my FAVORITE group of ALL time! Thanks!


Oh Thanks! I have not heard of those! That’s why I need you guys to help me!


Maybe the new ones Viki “buys”.



So nice to see this actress actually kiss back and she’s so adorable
And ok - it took me a minute - but he is super sexy!
Enter 2nd Hottie - Where did he come from??
Seriously liking this show - so weird.


Then I trust you saw this one too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have not actually watched that one yet!


What are you waiting for? :joy:


I have watched the Eps out so far like 3 times!!! Ok - Just telling on myself


Oh je l’es regarder il y a pas longtemps celui là ^^ il était chouette a regarder :slight_smile:
Je les regarder principalement pour l’acteur Furukawa Yuki car il joue super bien :blush: dommage qu’il ne soit que le 2ème personnages principal.


Oh I’m watching this one not long ago ^^ it was great to watch: slight_smile:
I watch them mainly for the actor Furukawa Yuki because he plays really well: blush: too bad he’s only the 2nd main character.


Non il ne sont pas tous comme sa, en général sa prend du temps ; dans certains les personnages principaux ne se mette en couple qu’a la fin du drama, dans d’autre il se mette en couple au début ou au milieu du drama si que est = en général a deux sénario : soit l’un des deux protagonistes a un accident et a une perte de mémoire, soit un des deux part a l’étranger et reviens 2 ou 3 ans après.

Personnellement mais J-drama préférer ne sont pas sur viki (ma liste est très longue car je suis une très grande fan du Japon)

  • Hana Yori Dango
  • Ichi Rittoru no Namida --> adapté d’une histoire vrai
  • Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru
  • Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
  • Buzzer Beat
  • Daytime Shooting Star
  • Tokyo Bandwagon
  • Honey and Clover

Sur viki :

  • Boku no Ita Jikan
  • Itazura na kiss - Love in the tokyo


No they are not all like her, in general it takes time; in some, the main characters do not get into a relationship until the end of the drama, in others they get into a relationship at the beginning or in the middle of the drama if that is = generally has two scenarios: either one of the two protagonists have an accident and have a loss of memory, or one of the two goes abroad and comes back 2 or 3 years later.

Merci!!! Je suis vraiment impatient de regarder plus de j-drama. Le café et la vanille était mon premier. Je continuerai à les ajouter comme je les vois. Espérons que VIKI en obtiendra d’autres.


How is this one?


Je l’espère aussi, il y a tellement de beau j-drama a regarder, ça serai super si viki en avait plus ^^


L’acteur Shirota Yu, joue super bien même si j’avoue qu’il a toujours eu des rôles bizarre ^^’
Pour l’histoire du drama en lui-même, elle est sympa mais sans plus mais le mieux c’est de le regarder et de se faire sa propre idée sur le drama car on a chacun des goûts différents.

Par contre un j-drama viki que je conseil :
Honoka Yahagi est une jeune actrice très talentueuse :slight_smile:


Actor Shirota Yu, plays really well although I admit he always had weird roles ^^ ’
For the story of the drama itself, she’s nice but nothing more but the best is to watch it and make your own mind about the drama because we each have different tastes.

On the other hand, a viki j-drama that I recommend:
Honoka Yahagi is a very talented young actress: slight_smile:
Rakuten Viki


So J-dramas were actually where I started! A couple years ago I briefly thought we might be moving to Japan, so I tried to immerse myself in the language as much as I could in the three months until that dream didn’t happen. Part of that was watching all the TV I could find on Netflix.

So my first were Good Morning Call and Mischievous Kiss, which I binge-watched despite the totally toxic MLs. (That @#$%$@% and his @#$%ing yogurt!!) Still, special place in my heart.

My favorite Japanese shows, neither of which are really romantic, are definitely Black Forceps (Black Pean) and Miss Sherlock (on HBO–sadly the fantastic lead actress died, I heard).

Recently I watched In House Marriage Honey, which I thought was delightful - it was like the mac and cheese of dramas, just feel-good happiness. Usually I’m not very impressed with the Japanese dramas on viki tbh.