J-Drama's love stories start REALLY fast - Why is that? Do you have a favorite J-Drama? 💋


He fell in love at first sight!!! He is one SWEET MONK!

Has anyone watched this one???


I’ve been waiting for ‘Can’t Run Away from Love’ to post all of its eps. I haven’t checked if it has in a while.


Can’t Run Away From Love, is pretty good. The episodes are short but I can feel the impact with each one. I like that the fl has some self worth. She doesn’t just falls for the ml and becomes submissive.

SPOILER: When ml told her he liked her long hair… the next day she cut it. :rofl: Serves him right for rejecting her love.

If you liked, Coffee and Vanilla, you might like:

It’s “different” :sweat_smile: I don’t know how else to explain it. But the leads have an interesting relationship…

Jdramas are the type I watch when I need to get away from the swamp of kdramas & cdramas. The romance happens fast but they are packed with tension. I get really skeptical watching Jdramas though because I have to make sure there’s a good ending. Too many times I end up crying buckets of tears. The drama poster will look cute & fluffy and then in the middle of the plot one of the leads has an incurable disease… or was already deceased to begin with and we’re just watching their memories. :disappointed_relieved:


I saw this J-movie a few years back… A guy needed a place to stay, so this girl invites him over to her place, even though they had just met. They develop feelings for each other, but a few days later, he suddenly disappears without a word. I won’t spoil it for you because I’m not even sure if I’m remembering it correctly… I don’t even know the title…


It sounds like Evergreen Love.

There’s actually several jdramas with this type of plot lol


I love Coffee and Vanilla after I got over the FL high pitched voice - I liked it better the 2x

But Love is Phantom and Incurable Case of Love right now are my FAVES


I didn’t finish Coffee and Vanilla because I read that at the end they broke up.

I need to finish Love Phantom too.

Incurable Case of Love is so good! I’m going to rewatch it soon. The way he looks at her like the most precious person ever… :heart_eyes:


Well sort of and not


:eyes: I’ll go watch it again! Lol


Just know there is a kiss that some people find distasteful it didn’t bother me in the context of the show
50 shades of Jdrama


I watched up to ep.6 I think. I’ll need to rewatch the whole thing over. :fire::fire:


I have watched it 2x. After I got over the dumb FL - I was in it for HIM!!!



I’m fairly certain it’s this one. Thank you so much. And this is why I love the Viki Community. :grin: :ok_hand:


You’re welcome! I like it too. It’s a wholesome plot. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Did you finish Coffee and Vanilla!???


Caring ML. Goofy and bubbly FL. I loved this one, a J-movie from 2006. Give it a shot.


Not yet, I’m planning to soon.
I started, Tsumari Sukitte ittai n Dakedo (not available on rviki)
Maybe when I finish this I’ll finish C&V


Goodness, some j-dramas are just so ABSURD it’s funny. I started watching Takane and Hana a few hours ago. I’d probably slap Takane off the face of the earth if he was real, but I find him so cute and silly in the drama! They all act like complete weirdos, exactly like they’ve jumped off the pages of a manga. I forgot how absolutely weird and wrong shoujo manga can be. I only read shonen :sweat_smile: