J-Drama's love stories start REALLY fast - Why is that? Do you have a favorite J-Drama? 💋


have you seen this one??


No, but I’m gonna add it to my list immediately :slight_smile:


So what are your favorites! I loved Love is Phantom! and recently You’re My Pet (quirky but I ended up liking it).


Definitely Good Morning Call but being honest didn’t watch a lot of dramas :sweat_smile:


I watched it! It’s good!


I think it looks good might be coming up next - I am such a fly by the set of my pants kind of drama watcher depends on my mood - :blush:


So Good!


I’m slooooowly getting used to j-dramas/movies’ fast paces… I’m not very surprised anymore when the FL just blurts out a confession when ML doesn’t even know who she is :joy: Most of them have zero filter.

I find myself less emotionally invested in them because of the fast pace and seemingly weird romantic progression. They meet one minute and say they love each other the next. I can’t get into the feeling because the feeling moves so fast!! With k-dramas, the “I love you” scene happens in like the 13th or 14th ep, and my heart just explodes but here, I constantly have a “Wait, whaaaaat? Did I skip a few hours?” look on my face :sweat_smile::grimacing: My poor brain gets sooooo messed up when the “I love you” happens way before hand-holding or even first-name calling :flushed: I feel like a lost little birdie flapping around in a puddle sometimes

I also can’t relate to most of them because of the overly animated or overly cold personalities. It’s like they’ve fallen out of an anime/manga.
But I’ll say one thing: Out of the five j-shows I’ve watched, three of the MLs had blindingly brilliant eye-smiles. It’s the smiles that make me fall so hard for them.


I actually relate to your feelings, especially in regard to not being able to get as emotionally invested in Jdrama couples. It’s hard when things move that fast. But sometimes it’s nice to have a ‘quick fix’ like a Jdrama, especially if I’ve just dealt with a really slow burn in something else. I enjoy slow burns, but sometimes I get extremely impatient, so Jdramas are a nice alternative.


I agree with you about the quick fix part. But sometimes the second hand embarrassment just overpowers everything :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I love the fast pace of jdramas - I sometimes get so tired of waiting for a relationship until Eps 10 and a break up by eps 13 or 14. Seems to be a pattern. Love is Phantom was super fast but I loved the character development in it - although it was super steamy! I am finding myself watching more c-drama and tdramas and jdramas lately!

But I love my slow burn if it is KangJoonie in Weather is Fine



Have you watched Perfect Match - It’s a tdrama I believe - but wowsers - I was in love during the intro

Hot Chefs get me everytime!


With Chris Wu?? No but I will per your recommendation. That dude is 38 years old and looks like a senior in HS! It just ain’t right, I tell ya!! These lucky Asian dudes and their fabulous non-aging genetics…


He’s yummy - he had me at - the INTRO! I have only watched like 10 min and I’m so excited about this chef arrogant chefs - love it


I’d really love to see more Japanese dramas here, there were a couple of detective ones some years ago that I’d love to see again


Loved perfect match, need to watch again!! got it on my list! and the other one, can’t think of the name, um not sure its Japanese though, the c0mpetitoon one, not the two chefs, this was a school


may/december here on Viki? I will put that on my list then thanks


Yup, actually I rewatched it at a watch party with the girls last Sunday hehe


I loved it!:star_struck:


I’ve posted this fave elsewhere - 'cause I consider it a masterpiece and would really like to find it again with English subs (not just to see it again with full comprehension myself but also to introduce friends and family to it, and to Viki) - but my hands-down fave is:

Life ” (2007) - based on Suenobu Keiko’s manga about vicious school bullying. I describe it this way: “Like ‘Aliens,’ but with scarier monsters.”

Just a masterpiece of the classic Morality Play - because there is a critical moral choice that goes to the core of the character in almost every scene in this, and the way the heroine gets justice and vindication is unexpected and totally ethical. It’s often hard to watch, but ultimately uplifting in a way that’s hard to describe if you never experienced this kind of thing in school yourself.

I like this series so much I bought it on DVD for something like $250 USD - but it’s the genuine Japanese original so there are no subtitles, in any language - and my Nihongo still hovers around the JLPT N5-N4 range, so a long, long way to fluent comprehension. Easily the single best J-drama I’ve ever seen. Maybe the best drama I’ve ever seen, period - from any country in any format.