Japanese dorama recommendations?


So there are tons of threads on K-dramas…
But I’ve recently started re-watching some J-dramas I have and realized that I want to start watching them again.

Any recommendations?

With J-dramas, I like more procedural, action, fantasy(?) stuff. My favorites have mostly been series, like Boss, Bloody Monday, Liar Game. But, I mean, romance and comedy are always great - like Nodame Cantabile <3 So I’m open to whatever.

Thanks for suggestions!

Japanese Dramas

I am watching Last Cinderella right now and it is so good! Go check it out…Gosh it is so romantic.

I am not much into the fighting genre so I guess you gotta wait for another vikian to answer your question.


Can I suggest you the best dramatics ones for me ? Then there’s Koizora & Ichi Rittoru no Namida ! ( its contain love, pure, emotion & drama XD )

I hope you love dramatic drama !


I haven’t watched many J-dramas but from the ones I’ve watch, I would recommend:

Jin (1,2)- much better than the Korean version “Dr Jin Time Slip”
Rich man poor girl ( romantic comedy)
Ryusei no Kizuna (suspense romance)
Liar game (suspense romance)


@chizzygirl Almost started watching that when it aired, but stuff must have gotten in the way. Haven’t seen it and I’m already conflicted about the choice between Fujiki Naohito and Miura Haruma… -.-

@vampirette Ah… I’ve had 1 Litre of Tears on my list for ages. I just haven’t found the time to watch it, partly because I know it’s going to be the saddest thing ever.

Isn’t Koizora supposed to be sad too? One day, I’ll get to them. I just need to prepare myself first, buy some boxes of tissues and all that.

@denisa_lapusan Love Liar Game <3 Wouldn’t call it a romance, but definitely had some cute moments.

I think I have a copy of JIN somewhere, though I never watched it. Maybe I have to dig it out and check it out. The other shows too. Thanks for the rec’s.


Gokusen is funny, Trick seasons 1-3 and 3 movies are great. Doctor X, Hana Yori Dango,


Here some of Jdrama or Jfilm. You can see more on the site named “Anime Ultime” : 1 Pound no Fukuin – 100 Scene no Koi – 14 Sai no haha-- 35 sai no koukousei-- Abarenbo Mama-- Ai to Makoto-- Aikurushii – Aka Tenshi Angel – Akai Ito-- Akai Ito [J-Film] – Akihabara@DEEP [Film] Episode 01/01 8.8/10 Akihabara@Deep-- Akumu-chan–Kareshi… - See more at:


I Litre of Tears
لتر واحد من الدموع


Switch Girl seriously dying re watching Season 1 “chill-out knickers” ROFLMFAO


Brain with Takuya Kimura


Thank you for mentioning Trick!
You should definitely watch Trick. It’s great. I sometimes just throw it in the background just to hear the drama xD
With Trick, make sure you watch all of it–3 seasons, specials, and movies. They aired the final special early this year.

If you haven’t watched Boss 2, please go ahead. Personally, thought it was better than the first season. If you like Boss 2, check out Legal High season 1 and 2. The male lead is AWESOME!

Toda Erika from Liar Game is also in Keizoku Spec 2. Another drama you gotta watch. :slight_smile:


I love Trick too!
Thermae Romae is not a drama but a hilarious movie with Hiroshi Abe starring <3


Nodame Cantabile… I bet my fingers on this one… You’ll like it promise.


I really loved PRIDE. I fell in love with Kimutaku because of this role, Halu is sexy, serious, cute, manly, romantic, caring and…anyway. I remember I was sceptical because I don’t know anything of Hockey and wasn’t appealing to me, but thank God I gave it a chance. <3<3

Also I want to recommend you Densha Otoko, really really funny.

I wish these doramas were available in Viki. :confused:

  • beauty or beast (Matsushima Nanako)
  • Top Caster (Amami Yuki)
  • Kaseifu no Mita (Matsushima Nanako)
  • Last Christmas (Oda Yuuji)
  • Kagi no Kakatta heya (Oono Satoshi)
  • Rich Man Poor woman (Oguri Shun)
  • Lucky 7 (Matsumoto Jun)
  • Mirai Nikki (Gouriki Ayame)
  • Kurosagi (Yamashita Tomohisa)

If you want to know more I’ve got tons of suggestions to make. I also have lists on my page that you can check out ^^. I’ve seen so many j-dramas and I wish they have it here in viki.


I really loved Playful Kiss in the Japanese ver. I watched the Korean ver. first so I wanted to watch the Japanese as well. :slight_smile:


-Hanazakari no kimitachi e
-Zettai Kareshi
-My Boss, My Hero
-Nobuta wo Produce
-Buzzer Beat
-Mei-chan no Shitsuji
-Innocent Love
-Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
-Proposal Daisakusen


for the japanese have you seen the old one or the new?


I am glad this thread was made considering I am trying to branch out from kdrama. Even though I have a ton to watch. I watched Switch Girl 1 & 2 but I am looking for something a little more mature. I thought the couple was cute but there was some content I did not love too. I adored the male lead, Arata and would love to see this actor in his other work. I have Last Cinderella in my list to watch though. Any really good romantic comedies? What I am loving about some J-dramas are they are shorter and the ones I have seen have multiple seasons. I am not ready to see Mischievous Kiss 1 or 2 yet. Looking for mature romantic comedy. Suggestions.


hi , can you tell more of j drama suggestion ,i am big lover , i want new and old even if you know movies sorry , thank you :smile: