Japanese dorama recommendations?


I don’t know if it was mentioned here already but I really liked “Tumbling”. Which reminds me that I should rewatch that, soon.


I started it months ago and never finished it. I should go back and finish it.


You should! It’s definitely not the serious kind like Love Me If You Dare, but it has its own charm! The cases aren’t complex. I’d say it’s more about the team working together rather than focusing on the mysteries.

If you like dramas more focused on the actual cases, watch Mr. Brain. I absolutely loved that! The main character uses neuropsychology to solve his crimes. I learned a lot and it got me interested in the field.


I also loved Mr Brain. The scene where the cops tried to stop him from attacking the other prisoner was fascinating. I loved the ending


I had to watch Hana Yori Dango on Youtube. I am still finishing it, as I have been distracted by other things lately. Neither Viki nor its major competitor has much in the way of Japanese shows. Actually, if I compare the two Viki may have more. I like Gooddrama too but my computer has a difficult time with the site. Yes, I am hoping they put more into getting the licenses for these shows.


I’ll mention a few older dramas (still great ones in my opinion)
One of my fav is an older drama Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake with Fukoda Kyoko and Kaneshiro Takeshi
Cheap Love - also an older drama
Gokusen - a classic
GTO - another old classic, Gokusen is similar to it
Strawberry On The Shortcake
Majo no Jouken
Long Love Letter - very different in it having the sci-fi element, so just for that it is already interesting plus is had romance and great actors
Koori no Sekai (Ice World)
pretty much all the dramas with Kimura Takuya, Takenouchi Yutaka are great

Newer ones:
1 Liter Tears


It was sooo good. The only bad thing was that it was too short. Does anyone know why Japanese doramas are so much shorter than other Asian dramas? I always found that really strange. They’re usually around 10 episodes. Such a shame.


Yeah. It’s a sad situation. Jdoramas were more popular than kdramas at one point. They’ve sort of faded into oblivion on the international scene in recent years.

Gooddrama has a few good series, but like you, I have problems with the site and app. It’s frustrating. Every time there’s a bug on Viki that gets me annoyed, I just remember Gooddrama. Then I don’t feel like complaining anymore. Haha.


I personal liked “Dear sister” so I would have recommened that one to you :grinning:


What’s the name of this drama?


it’s a jmovie Strobe Edge with Sota Fukushi.


5-ji Kara 9-ji Made
Sakuraba Junko is a part-time teacher at an English conversation school who dreams of one day working in New York. Junko strives hard to achieve her dreams, but New York seems a far distant reality. And she hasn’t had much luck with romance for a while either. But things suddenly start to change when one day, Junko encounters a handsome Tokyo University graduate monk Hoshikawa Takane at a funeral service. Due to numbness of her legs after sitting for a long time, Junko accidentally knocks over the bowl of ashes, which falls right onto the head of Takene—probably the worst impression anyone could make. After such embarrassing mishap, Junko figures she would never see him again. However, the two end up meeting again in a matchmaking session that was set up by Junko’s mother.


I can really recommend Last Friends and LIFE.
The story’s are very exciting and emotional!


The first Japanese drama I’m ever watched is the one I started to watch today. It is You’re My Pet from 2015.

Story: Sumire was on a date with her boyfriend but he told her, he was hitting on her with an other woman who even got pregnant and so she asked him if it would be Ok for both to seperate. Than she got really sad and drunk toooo much alcohol and wished her best friend, a dog she owned as a kid could apear, cause she thought that this is the only one who ever really loved her. Than she remembered that heir neighbors was talking about a stray dog who was exposed in an cardbox this morning and so she run drunk and crying home to look for this cardbox but instead the dog she found a younger man in the cardbox hiding in it and cause she was drunk she thought the man had a lot similaritis to her dog she had as a kid. At the next morning she awakes in her bedrum with this stranger in her bed. As she listend to him and he said he ran away from home, she cooked him dinner and told him he should leave after this but as she came back from work he was still in her apartment and than she made a deal with this younger man, cause he said there was someone who wanted to kill him. From this day on this younger man was her pet…


Rich Man, Poor Woman was excellent. The main reason to watch is Shun Oguiri. He just played this role so well. He was completely complex and believeable as Toru Hyuga. I liked Satumi Ishihara too, She was in 9 to 5. Her laugh is endearing. There were times Makoto need to be more confident but she played vulnerable well.

I liked this so much I bought the DVD for the series and mini-series. I think there may be a Korean remake soon. I don’t know if I will watch the remake though.

I think I have seen quite a few Kento Yamazaki, Mirei Kiritani, Tao Tsuchiya doarmas.

I started watching Perfect Insider, Good Morning Call , Mare, but I have not finished them.