Japanese Dramas


someone just recommend a j-drama-- ANY genre will do-- that has more than 9.5 rating because I haven’t found a single one yet


Vivi, if popularity ranking is your sole criterion, I think you’re a.) going to be sadly disappointed regardless of country of origin and b.) needlessly shutting yourself off from worthwhile dramas on the basis of a number.

Despite the ridiculous percentage of Rom-Coms, there are excellent dramas in the current lineup anyway:

  • “Jimi ni sugoi!” a.k.a. “Pretty Proofreader” is one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen, from any country, so is “Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo 1” (just avoid M.K. 2 like the plague because it was a huge letdown after the first.)
  • “Caution: Hazardous Wife” was surprisingly good - I’d assumed it would be frivolous and forgettable, but it packed a solid punch.
  • I watched “My Little Lover” a couple of years ago - I think that was on Crunchyroll before Crunchyroll turned coward and went 100% Anime - and that was a good one too. Which surprised me, because I’d assumed that a story about a girlfriend shrunken to pocket-size would be silly, but the story was great.
  • “Sumika Sumire” was similar - something I thought would be boring turned out to have a good story. Weird, but good.
  • “May I Blackmail You” was a good one too - with an interesting idea - but had a slight ethical downside: I did not like that it made some yakuza side characters look like they were Good Guys.

And yeah, there are some duds on the Japanese drama list - not horrible, just… not very good. “Adult High School,” “Peanut Butter Sandwich,” “When One Day I Will Sleep,” are examples. Which is another argument for Viki refreshing the J-drama lineup with much more, better material. And there are hundreds of great Japanese dramas, past and present, for Viki to choose from. 'Just wish they’d get going on adding them.


oh, I’m sorry then…:pensive: because so far Viki’s rating system has worked pretty well in gauging dramas, I just take into account the kind of audience watching it by observing the reviews and then see if it matches me :slight_smile:
I checked out the dramas you mentioned…and I added a lot to my list!! I spend way too much time digging around K-dramaland for hidden gems that I have no energy for others :grimacing:
thanks again!!


That’s very difficult to do! For instance people saying “I loved it, it was great, the storyline was so good and I enjoyed everybody’s acting” could be teenagers or mature ajummas, people who were swayed by the male lead’s pretty face into finding everything good - how can you tell?


also for mew per the mature ajummas, and didn’t take offence, the story line has to be good. I do enjoy watching a good drama, all their acting abilities, and yes the cuteness of those “younguns” now we have younger generations playing these parts, how can I not enjoy watching them be they male or female??

sorry younguns meand people under 30. to my age, they are my kids…


I don’t pay attention to reviews like those. I look for detailed reviews that automatically tell what kind of person is writing it. There are the mature ones who take into consideration everything from the OST to the cinematography to the acting and plot-- in sharp contrast to the fangirl raves. when they include something negative about the drama, it shows they’re really trying to unbiasedly REVIEW, help the reader to choose whether to watch or not.

Of course, sometimes I slip up here and there, but it’s worked quite well most of the time! :grin:


Ah, I may be more mature than you, you know? I was in elementary school when I heard Walt Disney had died. And I crocheted lots of granny squares in the '70s.


ok,ok, how "young are you??


Born in 1958


I am older, b 1946… but thats ok too.


Vivi, I agree totally. Though sometimes you find something so great it deserves a solid rave (Tears of Tragedy’s new “Trinity” album, f’rinstance,) generally speaking a critical review - or even a negative one - will be orders of magnitude more informative than something that says “I loved it, everything was just perfect!” The latter type will get lots of “Helpful” votes at places like Amazon that (foolishly) let people “rate” reviews, but if the idea is to inform, then negatives - even if you don’t agree with them - will tell you much more about a drama (or book or CD or whatever,) and give you ideas to chew on.


I would love to see a fantastic Jamanese drama! I know there are some out there!


aack! I am between you two! 1956.


Yeah, even I wanted to, so for now I’m going along with @shakalabbit’s recommendations:


usully watch japanese dorama with kamenashi kazuya


Takeru Satoh is back in a new drama :heart_eyes:


I just finished One Night Morning. It was excellent! Warmly recommended.


LOL I did the same.


wish there were more Japanese dramas


I accidently picked up a Thai drama on NF, its a remake of Bad Guys, and y’know I am not able to find the Korean version, anywhere! tht vile one is on NF but I do like this version, miss my guy ,that strong fella on the Kdrama one, MA DONG SEOK

again wish there were more Jdramas I do know they are out there!! there was one I watched some years back, I’d love to find again.