Japanese Dramas



I think you’ll like this one. I love the chemistry between the FL/ML and the story is different. Also, it has a lot of funny parts.


Ok I will check it out!


Anyone watching Involvement in Family Affairs?

Man, I don’t know what to say. It describes itself as a modern fairytale, and I like the way it’s presented. It’s not a run-of-the-mill torture-the-FL party, like most family melodramas. Only on Ep 6 and yeah, they do mistreat her a lot, but the whole thing is like a satire, exaggerating very real situations and blowing them out of proportion, but still ringing with truth. The mean sister-in-law is like a cartoonish villain… you don’t really take her seriously.

Things that stood out to me:

  1. The FL is not a doormat. She got into this entire family mess after being properly warned. She decides to tackle the family as a challenge with her husband. She stands up for herself, and intervenes when she sees someone else being wronged.
  2. The mother-in-law is a good person. A really good person who supports the FL and ML. No torture from her side, but FL is the one who must stand up for her most of the time, not the other way round. More of a subdued character.
  3. In point 1, I said she decides to tackle the challenge WITH her husband. They do it together, and that’s something refreshing that I really liked. He stands with her every single time, no matter what. They trust each other and love unconditionally, and their chemistry is honestly ADORABLE. It’s a much-needed break from all the stress and absolute mess of a too-rich family.

It’s interesting enough for me to stick with it, because I rEALLY want to see whether this couple succeeds. The family seems too far gone for redemption but I want them to win.

That said, it can be REALLY REALLY frustrating, and I won’t cover that up. It’s hard to watch at times, and some of them can be ultra mean. Especially for those who haven’t grown up in communal Asian cultures, it can be really tough to accept at times. The commentary voiceover they add is pretty insightful and the story is presented as a “modern-day fairytale,” so you;ll have to look at it from that perspective or it can be unbearable. Idk if i can stick till the end, but i’m rooting for these two


yes I started watching it, just not sure if I am going to keep it up


I can’t wait to see the live action adaptation of the manga Yu Yu Hakusho. :smile:


Have you seen this one? It is so good!! One of my favorite Japanese dramas!


I think we really deserve to watch more varieties of Japanese content here at RVIKi. I am blessed to have access to their great Detective and Documentaries movies/dramas, but I feel they don’t offer here their great quality work they offer in other places. Romance only doesn’t cut it for me.

They can be so creative, and I just love to see the nice creative way they do this videos which I will include in summary so I don’t break ‘‘any rules’’ here…



I am going to re-watch this one

and this one

I will have to go elsewhere to find , and sorry the name is long, but its about a detectice copying Sherlock, and has a writer to be his side kick, was really a good one a few years ago. so theres 3 I am going to watch

found another;


Yes, I loved it! A great drama with sweet characters.

I was just angry with the mother. :rage: