Japanese Series/Movies

Before one of the “bootleg” sites that I was watching was taken down I found tons of really wonderful, fun, serious, and funny Japanese programming. It would be nice if Viki would start adding to their Japanese section because there’s a lot of terrific programming out there. I don’t remember the titles since I’m not bi-lingual but if someone who is Japanese could suggest some titles that would be great. I do remember though that the Japanese version of Boys over Flowers (which was the original) was terrific! There was another one about a Buddhist Monk who falls in love with a woman from a English instruction school. The first 8 minutes of that had me laughing so hard I almost wet my pants.

At any rate, you get the idea. Hey Viki, if you’re listening this would be terrific for your subscribers!

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It has been done. A whole thread with suggestions.
I think there will be many more Japanese shows in the future, as viki has lost a great deal of Korean ones because of Kocowa.

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Thank you, thank you! I fell in love with Jdrama after watching Nine to Five and started sampling all the shows I could find. In the meantime, are you aware of any site(s) that have Japanese shows with English translations that I could try. Hopefully without loading a Trojan virus or ransomware.

You can start with those available here. If you’ve already done that, there are a number of websites with Asian drama including Japanese (I’m not allowed to mention any of them here but Google is your friend). In a decade, I’ve never caught any virus or spyware or anything from these sites. Why would they want to drive their customers away, when they depend on them for traffic, translated into ad money? Of course you must not click on the ads or popup windows - but I suppose you already know that.

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Thanks again for the additional information. It’s great that the Chinese ban has been lifted but I would really like Viki to start broadening their horizons with more Japanese entertainment. I’ve been quite impressed with what I’ve watched so far.

yeah google is your friend. I also have found a few that has many different dramas.