JOBS in Kdrama that you think are so COOL! Or You want to HAVE? ๐Ÿ˜


Is also desing, form Count your lucky stars! I love it!


You DONโ€™T want the job of stylist that arches eyebrows, apparently that has been out of vogue in Korea since 2012


Bonus Book

Lee Jong Suk - as Cha Eun-ho

Book Editor - Writer (Author)


I love that work team!!! They are so funny!!


Classical Music - Do You Like Brahms - Classical Musicians


Good Manager - Accounting
Aw, Junho and Nam Goong Min


Your dream job is accounting?? Or is it just Junho casting his spell on you? :joy:
One more job: A POISON EXPERT from Maiden Holmes!


Iโ€™ll be his ACCOUNTANT any time!!!

Actually Iโ€™ll be his anything - anytime


Did you make these gifs, they are hillarious, I loved this drama, those 2 were too sexy :heart_eyes:

Itโ€™s hard to choose a job in kdrama, wouldnโ€™t want to work in restaurant, I worked in accounting, business and travel but my hobby is gardening and herbalismโ€ฆ also arts and craftsโ€ฆ

The question is also should it be in a historical or a modern drama :wink:
Perhaps Iโ€™ll be an interior designer :joy:


I did it and I donโ€™t like it! hahahaha


Accounting - I wouldnโ€™t like it either - I hate math - But if JUNHO was near me!!! Iโ€™d be OK


hahaha yes, itโ€™s one of my degrees but I have to say that I prefer not to work on that, not even if one of my khotties is my client hahaha


I was just talking about that - Like can one of these guys like be my personal trainer! I would be so motivated!!! Like Wonho - Wonho would be a GREAT trainer!!!


I can try that!! hahaha


Are you sure you wouldnโ€™t bring your company to bankruptcy with that distractingly handsome man next to you? :joy:



I forgot about ACTRESS with My Love from the Stars! Some people find her annoying! I loved that character Chun Song Yi





The thing is, I found her EXTREMELY annoying and the ML even more annoying while I was watching the drama. However, I enjoy watching clips of the drama now :joy: I wouldnโ€™t watch anything that Kim Soo Hyun and Jun JI Hyun did for MONTHS. My best friend had to FORCE LOTBS down my throat and that was when I fell in love with JJH :joy::joy: LOTBS really changed my view of both JJH and LMH (HATED him in Personal Taste. Hated the whole drama.) I love LMH now, but still wonโ€™t watch any of his other dramas :joy:

After that, I watched The Thieves because KSH and JJH were a couple in that one too

I was scarred for life. No more KSH or JJH for me.


A lot of people think that! Iโ€™m actually very bubbly like her! Maybe not as whiney but I sooooooo understood her character. And she LOVED him SOOOO much! She was actually really SMART. I saw her differently than a lot of people do. For the Stars is actually one of my favs! I love LOTBS and MINHO WHOOSH!