JOBS in Kdrama that you think are so COOL! Or You want to HAVE? 😍


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Yoon Shi Yoon - Judge - Your Honor


Without reading any of the rest of this thread yet, I have to just say that this would be my dream job.


Funny, I am exactly the opposite. I watched MLFTS and loved both characters, so I went in search of their other projects, where I found LOTBS and actually hated her character in that (actually liked her in the beginning part before they got back to his ‘real life’), and now pretty much don’t watch anything she is in.


Ha! Her Private Life cracked me up since I worked in a major art museum, and the depiction of the art world in this drama is so fantastically offbase. But they made the job look really fun, easy, and high paying–so I guess I actually want to live in that world.


I want to live in that world with Kim Jae Wook asking me “Do you want me!” Bahahahahaha! He said that so many times!


The Job i would love to have is to be the make up artist of my fave actor/actress. It would be nice touching their hair, face and asking them what products they use that keeps them so young.


I’m qualified to do that!!! Believe it or not!


Except you need to live in SK to apply for the job. So girl…thought about relocating?

Btw, I saw this girl that did her hair light purple, blue and silver and it looks gorgeous (never thought I would like that combo) If it wasn’t bc I’m too old for that, I would go for it!


Mine was those exact colors now I’m back to purple and light purple for a while! It’s fun! I did make up for a while and believe it or not I was a clown - ok stop laughing - so I know how to paint faces. I used to love painting faces at like little carnivals or such. I would LOVE to do makeup for some of my guys!


That would be so nice. Imagine all your hotties and you can actually touch them? Let me stop…


Bahahahahahahahaha! Oh if only…


I guess both dramas are the hit-or-miss kind. :joy::joy:

LOL I remember when one of EXO’s members started his own company and all of us EXO-Ls were deciding what jobs we would apply for :joy::joy: the talented ones took the makeup and choreography/backup dancer jobs while us not-so-talented women decided to apply for janitor duty… at least we get to see them!! :joy:


Probably, although I also accept that I am probably in the minority about LOTBS, based on everything I read and how often it is recommended by others.


I’m sure Minho bewitched most of the fans enough to overlook anything annoying in the drama :joy::joy: I did think JJH did a little overacting, but I was fine with it since she WAS a funny mermaid :sweat_smile:


How about being the water girl? I’d be down with that.


handing towels, giving water, holding up a fan for them, holding those screen prompts… I’d do anything :joy:


i want to be a lawyer like in vincenzo
or a make up artist like in true beauty
or a writer like in melo is my nature
or an idol like in imitation


I would apply for the umbrella holder - wiping the brow - running after them with a fan!
I’d do those too!


I LOVE her and I know a lot of people don’t! Minho and her in LBS had such good chemistry on and off screen - And in MLFS - Her over the top actress self could be annoying and whiney but I saw how smart she actually was and how much she truly loved him! Funny! I don’t like the FL in DOTS - AT ALL - I struggle to watch her. And that happens once you dislike what they are portraying it is hard to watch them anywhere else. (although I love Encounter just because of Park Bo Gum)

@my_happy_place So I found two we have different opinions on SWDBS (me no likie) and LBS & MLFS (me likie) hahahahaha!


We are different on the first two, but I DO like MLFS. They made such a beautiful couple.