Jung Il Woo <3 who else loves this guy?

Thank you xD




us when we see jung ill

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Your most welcome ^^

Haha, so true - just not sure whether he can pull it off - I remember Flowerboy Ramyun Shop vaguely but I do know he’s good at being a spoiled rich brat

Yep - but to be fair he is one of many in my drama record. Then again, he’s one of the only ones so consistent in making me go ‘WHYYYY!!!’

I do!!! he just too adorable. and hot and sexy and…and everything else. after watching him 49 days i was head over heal with him. when he cries i just died within

Def in my top 5 hottest kdrama actors. His ability to go from cute and innocent to sex kitten blows my mind every time… UGH

well i know he can pull off silly real well, all his roles (even tho they were sad) had its silly moments to it, and flower boy RS was hilarious xD ive also seen some clips of “golden rainbow” and he’s so funny xD

haha yes! the only one to make me go

but i have other biases too xD who is your #1 in actors? or top 2.

@SandraJinki @reegan_lep ahh more Jung Il loves!!! yay :smiley: he really is so cute xD. his crying is always so filled with real emotion. he has lots of charm in that smile and hes hilarious.

I knowww!!! Can’t wait to see him in more dramas :smiley:

I first saw him in Moon Embracing the Sun where I first became a fan. Then I loved loved loved him in 49 days, and He just blew me away in Golden Rainbow. I personally prefer him over Lee Min Ho because he’s a better actor. LMH is mostly about looks. He needs to star as the lead in more dramas.

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: JUNG IL WOO :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I seriously loved him in 49 days <3. Anyone else can recommend me good shows with him as lead? Except the Ramyun Shop drama?

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I’ve been a fan since watching Unstoppable High Kick from MBC 2006.
Did you notice Kim Beom in the back row?

Source: https://asianwiki.com/High_Kick!

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If you haven’t already watched it I would recommend his latest drama

“Moon River” 2009 was also wonderful.


This is a time machine, and I need to watch this! I see other :star2: stars :star2: too!

Yup! Watched one of these, myself, too! They hold your attention, unlike some new shows that lack captivation.

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It’s on Viki!!! 167 episodes! :flushed: !

11/09/2022 (⁠°⁠o⁠°⁠)—⁠☆👇🏾

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You should watch it. I loved it. The episodes are about 30min each.

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Whew! :sweat_smile: That’s good to know, it seems like one of those :blush:

I’ll be in drama heaven if this watch choice is spot on! :joy: The first for 167 episodes, and the second for 126 episodes.

So far so good, I find it’s full of comedy, and the obvious sitcom acting.

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Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

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He posted! After six months! :grinning: Denmark :denmark: fans you had two guests in May of 2023!
정일우 - Jung Il Woo, and his Mom!


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