Just you (taiwanese drama)


Any "Just You" (taiwanese drama) lovers over here? wink

Ahhh i'm so addicted to aaron yan!!
Who seconds me?^^


Me! I finished watching Episode 17 last night. (only 3 more frowning.. ooooohhh booo hoo!!!)

This is one show I"m going to mourn when it ends.


Hehe i totally get it!!
i don't want it to end:(
Can't wait for today's episode!!!!


Can someone explain the appeal of this show to me? Is it just that Aaron and Puff are adorable together? Or is there actually more...?


Actually I really don't think I can. As I'm not totally sure why I even started watching it. You've read the synopsis, right? It is ridiculous, but for some reason this show hooked me.

I think it just has all of the elements that make these dramas so addictive....
Aaron is above average in the looks department. Puff is flaky and super goodness. There is a love triangle. A horrible Ex-girlfriend trying to weasel her way back in. Plenty of "will they" "won't they" tension. and of courses some chemistry between the leads.

It's escapism at it's finest.


I don't really know what made me so addicted to it either.
The first time i heard about it i thought it was really stupid, but after i started watching it i was addicted to the characters and the chemistry between them and i get so excited and emotional when watching it i really wanna know whats next and what @Hesto also goes for me.
Add to that the gorgeousness of Aaron yan!!!! and puff guo together it kills me really, i just adore it.


OMG...I felt the same way too. At first when I watched it I was thinking "what is this?" But then after that I was addicted to it. I just love this drama.


i need next week's episode!!!
I just want to see Qi Yi admit his love for Liang Liang for once!:'(


I'm not too sure what got me hooked either come to think of it!! XD I just randomly watched ep 1 when it came out and my jaw dropped when I realized that was Aaron from Fahrenheit I always took notice of Jiro!! Aaron is such a cutie now!!!!!!!!!! It's my candy fluff show of the week love the chemistry between the two and LOVE screaming DIE DIE DIE you evil witch when Jia Yu appears...I seriously don't know what will fill the void when it ends... T_T


i think i'll be watching it over and over again especially when i crave for some cheesiness lol nothing can fill its void really frowning i don't want it to end, but what i do what it for something really BAD to happen to Jia Yu in the next 2 episodes.


I agree tortured, body pulled apart or a slow painful death would make me happy!!! Maybe LL will just snap and go Postal and beat her to death!! XDDDD


I think the B**** is gonna do something to LL in the next episode which is what's going to make QY angry as i got from the preview.... I hope not:(


Me! I love Aaron! I love the story as well, I'm going to be sad when is over....


I love those pics of Aaron! stuck_out_tongue <3 <3


I know right? :o
I will try getting you guys some more
He's too cutee!!


Aaron is also in another show called Alice in Wonder City........with dark hair......honestly I've watched 3 eps and couldn't tell you what it's about I was drooling over him's some sexy and cute pics to admire while we wait for Friday to arrive....


Did you make the framed montage?
nice smile


I wish XDDD No I google every thng!!! Sometimes I get more than what I'm looking for but than I keep those and share in the other room!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh my good Gracious! I'm sure your Hard drive is overflowing . . . ! You crack me up Mellie!


I'm not going to lie, I share the same sentiments as you guys. I first read the synopsis and when I started the show, I thought, "WHA????" I'm not exactly sure why I kept watching it either. Maybe a little boredom, maybe it was Puff's/ Liang Liang's brightly colored wardrobe that held my attention, who knows? All I know now is that I'm hooked though. Although at times the show angers me with Liang Liang's unbelievable level of naivety and innocence that boarder lines stupidity, this show keeps me watching it and I really do love the chemistry of her and Aaron. I also find characters like Dean to be quite refreshing! Only can some people dream to find a friend like that where they care so much about your well being that they'd help you no matter what, even if it means helping you be with someone else.