[K-DRAMA] Bulgarian subtitlers needed for "Encounter"


Hi, everyone! I’m collecting a team to translate the Korean drama Encounter in Bulgarian language. If you are interested in participating, text me :blush:

Здравейте всички! Събирам екип от преводачи за корейската драма Encounter на български език. Ако сте заинтересовани, пишете ми :blush:


Hello! :blush:
I’d like to help in translation of Encounter


We’d be happy if you become part of the team :blush:


Only five episodes have been subbed in Bulgarian as of today and you’re still working on ep.6, so I’m bumping this so that other potential subbers can see it.


I am interested in helping with the Bulgarian translation!


Hi, I’ve sent you a message
Thank you for your future help :slight_smile: