[K-DRAMA] Need US Canada QC Volunteers to Caption "New Heart" [SOLVED]

New Heart’s license is up in less than 20 days.
However since the series isn’t softsubbed it can’t be released to other languages, until everything is captioned.
Then the captions need to be editted (I’m currently the only one doing so :()

Anyone fluent enough in 21st Century hospital terminology or knows how to use naver dictionary is welcome to join for editting. Please contact Mahoula to be added to the team.

Thank you.

More importantly we need active segmenters who know how to segment hardsubbed videos. So far we have fully segmented 2 episodes. in ep 3 parts 4 and 6 needs segmentation. if all episodes gets segmented then people can translate into their language by just following the hardsubs. Even if they aren’t perfect at least some people will have the opportunity to enjoy the show into their native language. I have also spoke with a member of viki staff and she told me they might be able to renew the licence but no guarranties. If the licence gets renewed then we can perfect the subtitles.

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