[K-DRAMA] ''Number Six'' | team needed

Hello there! I’m CM of “Number Six”. This web drama has only 8 episodes x 15 minute.

Won Tak (Lee Minhyuk), Min Joo (Baek Seo Yi), Eun Kyung (Woohee), Chang Kyung (Kwon Young Min), Se Joon (Kang Yool), and Se Ra (Han So Eun) were the best of friends. Inseparable from childhood, they did everything together, sharing every moment of their lives up until the moment they all left for college. Best friends for life, there was nothing this group kept from each other. Or so they thought.
Ten years later, the secrets they kept harbored in their hearts come to light, revealing a tangled web of complicated emotions, first loves, and profound friendship. It doesn’t take long to realize even the closest of friends can hide some pretty big secrets.

I’m looking for korean-english team, subbers team, language moderators and editors asap!

Moderators that we already have:
English moderator: gabyvtv
German moderator: frauchopacabra
Portuguese moderator: gigidaebak
Serbian moderator: bepina
Spanish moderator: pilar_velasquez
Polish moderator: just_liaa
French moderator: leeyasooyeon
Vietnamese moderator: zano_v
Romanian moderator: _taeko10
Hungarian: szandra
Hindi: choihyerin1211

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Can I help edit? I am a native English speaker with a masters in English.

The original post was written on April 22 and today is June 22. Exactly two months. If you go and look, you’ll see that the show is fully subbed now and chances are that it’s already edited as well, since it was released to Other Languages and it’s already subbed in 7 languages as well. The viewers would start a revolution if not!

Hi, I’d be happy to moderate and/or subtitle in Irish for you if you don’t have anyone. I’m off for summer so i have lots of time to dedicate to this project if needed :smile:

Hi! I would happy to help you to sub in Japanese. :slight_smile:

hi, i would love to help to transelate from english to norwegian