K-Drama Recommendation

of course. nothing could top that wonderful dad of her’s, ,maru’s problems and that grandma!

yeah, that was my definition of a “perfect” ending. but i already know lots of dramas dont end that way or are missing something. you kinda have to be satisfied with certain endings, cuz with a melodrama, thats all your gonna get, LOL. but if its that good i will def. watch it!

well then thats good then,as long as it was positive, maybe an open end but still positive. im able to deal with that haha xD

haha ikr. dont we all feel like second lead? in almost everything in life. LOL

@shobe_tj_tan_84. Ok remember you asked for this! If you can survive the loss of water from your body and see through the tears.
‘What happened in Bali’
‘Autumn in my heart’
both old but real tear jerkers.
Oh and the others that have been mentioned.
Let us know if you cried a years tears?

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My recommendation:

A Thousand Kisses.

I am so hooked this drama even it has 50 episodes.

I need a recommendation.
I like a serious drama, or like supernatural-ish drama, murder mystery drama.

I LOVED The Devil (Mawang, The Lucifer, Satan) it made me cry like a baby at the end,
I also loved That Winter, The Wind Blows
and I am crazy about God’s Quiz…

I am looking for other series like The Devil and God’s Quiz, where they are intelligent and dark.
Can anyone give me any suggestions… I know this is someone’s else’s discussion that I have hijacked,
but any help with finding my next series would be awesome. Thank you!!

  • Vampire Prosecutor
  • Ten 1 and 2

The both are about murderer and are serious.

Thank you!

Another drama that the Devil creators made was Resurrection, they also made Shark but isn’t as strong as the other two.
A Man’s Story - might be something for you.
All In - perhaps …
Beyond The Clouds
Heartless/Cruel City
Golden Cross
Padam Padam
Perhaps Love …
NINE - Nine Times Time Travel
Should be enough for a while, if you haven’t seen them already?

I havent seen any of those so I will have to definitly go through those.
I just watched Ghost and liked it very much, kinda was too cheesy near the end, but a solid show.

Thank you lutra for the suggestions!

how about love rain its not a new one but its good

Love Rain is great do watch it.

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I have so many to recommend ! :sob: I’m kinda into serious dramas and also cute & fluffy ones so yeah there will be a mixer of both.

-Marriage not dating / I enjoyed watching this drama so much, it was a very funny drama to watch. The main female lead had to be the most funniest girl ever and to say VERY savage at first she really annoyed me because of her clinginess but you grow to just love her!

-Oh my Venus / Another funny drama to watch, this is more of a very cute drama. The drama also held a lot of emotion for me thay was I cried so much omg. But other than that this drama kept me interested in every episode and kept me laughing at all times.

-It’s okay, that’s love / This is a very mature drama I mean the things that go on in this drama you most likely just don’t see In others. But I also enjoyed this drama so much, I’m just inlove with the female lead (no homo) the couple was just too cuteee.

-The girl that see’s smells (Sensory Couple) / This was a very cute drama but also filled with crime + investigation if your really not into those type of things then this drama isn’t for you. Although I did feel that finding ‘evidence’ for the serial killer was very dragged.

-Cruel City / Another drama with crime + investigation. This had to be the most drama filled kdrama. The couple in this drama were just so cute together omg. Many things happened that you just don’t seem to expect, although many people did not like the ending it was a lot more realistic ending. The acting was sooo good from the male lead, if your more into thriller this is the drama for you.

-The K2 / OMMMMGGGG fricken love this drama so much! I just recently finished it and I felt so empty when it was done. The drama & suspense in this drama is just so crazy and will get you thinking 'What the hell will happen next ?" The acting of all characters were so good especially the madams I was so impressed with her acting. If you loved healer, you’ll like this too :wink:

-Playful Kiss / Come on… I know you’ve probably heard this one a lot of times but I just would never let it go. This drama has my heart completely. This was one of the very first dramas I watched which made me even more hooked into Kdrama. The story line is just so cute & fluffy you’d definitely just love watching it.

-Cinderella and the four Knights / Hey this drama wasn’t all that bad, I mean I feel like we barely got much scenes with the female lead and male but it was a nice drama. Although it gets dragged on near the end.

Masters Sun / okay I’ll admit this drama did scare me at the start… I mean who wouldn’t be scared watching a horror filled drama at 2am? Later you seem to get used to the horror scenes and find some of it fun to watch. Be prepared for jump scares.

I hope this mini list was helpful! These are barely even a quarter of the dramas I’ve watched but I have just picked some thay I enjoyed to recommend to you.

Tearjerker films/shows

*Werewolf Boy
*One Day
*Scarlet Heart Ryeo
*Gu Family Book

  • Hours of My Life (Japanese)
    *My Annoying Brother
    *I Can Hear Your Heart
    *Return of Iljimae
  • Go Away Mr Brain Tumor
    *Fly High

Murder mystery dramas

  • I Remember You ( Hello Monster):scream::scream::scream:
  • Tunnel :scream::scream:
  • Memories of Murder :scream::scream:
  • Gap Dong :scream::scream::scream:
  • Medical Examiner Dr Qin :scream::scream::scream:
  • Love Me If You Dare :scream::scream:
  • When A Snail Falls in Love
  • Private Eye
  • Missing Noir M :scream::scream::scream:
  • Painless: Eyes for Signs :scream::scream:
  • Galileo :scream::scream:
  • Bad Guys
  • Hidden Identity
    :scream: = very dark/graphic crime

Supernatural or Sci Fi

  • Circle
  • Flashback
  • Let’s Fight Ghost
  • Blood
  • Oh My Ghostess
  • Scholar Who Walks the Night
  • Spellbound
  • Four, Lawless Kingdom and Kingdom of Blood (trilogy)
  • Cheo Yong (ghost seeing detective) seasons 1 and 2

Yes but I heard it has a very tragic ending, and I don’ t love tragic endings.
I mean, Rooftop Prince ending was borderline OK with me, as it kept a message of hope. But anything worse than that… no.

@irmar Well it isn’t exactly tragic ending. I don’t want to spoil it for you. If you liked rooftop prince and generally you like fantasy dramas will probably like Gu Family Book as well.

I’ve been known to haunt recaps sites and even watch the last episode. I don’t want to waste my time for something that will disappoint me in the end or leave me with heartbreak. Either because the lovers have to say goodbye because she has to stay with her useless husband out of a sense of duty or for the sake of their kids who are in love with each other, or it’s open ending and we don’t know what will be decided. I want to bang the director’s head when this happen.
I heard Saimdang was like that and that’s why I never finished watching it, I dropped it like a hot potato.
Or like all these Japanese dramas where one of the two lovers dies in the end, or has an incurable disease like Lou Goering’s of which he/she will die or become completely paralized in a few months “but the finale is one of hope because of the positive attitude of the condemned person”.
I have no use for such dramas/films and I really cannot understand why they keep being made, why the public likes them etc.
The only one of this category I really liked - rather adored! - was “Memory”, which was cathartic and beautiful, so much that you didn’t mind whatever happened later.

I have had enough drama in my life, and right now there are many things which make me anxious. So when I watch dramas, I don’t mind the characters going through lots of tribulations and me shedding rivers of tears, provided that all is solved in the end.


Don’t watch Fashion King, Chuno or What Happened in Bali ( I only watched the first since I heard the other 2 ended badly with my favorite actors so I passed… Lol) if you don’t like sad endings


‘What happened in Bali’ leaves you heart broken. It’s very good and the cast are just awesome but the story is so sad. The best dramas so far this year are Goblin, Chicago Typewriter, Tunnel, Secret Forest, Duel, and Circle.

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new here… looking for Asian costume drama. I hope I can find them all on viki:stuck_out_tongue: amazing~

if you mean historicals then here are my favorites…these are NOT true sageuk…I like my historicals with a time travel, comedy and supernatural

  • Sungkyunkwan Scandal (gender bender, comedy, martial arts, romance, bromance)
  • Scarlet Heart Ryeo (time travel, drama, romance, comedy, bromance)
  • Scholar Who Walks the Night (supernatural, vampires, romance, comedy, action)
  • Arang and the Magistrate (supernatural, romance, comedy, action)
  • Gu Family Book (supernatural, romance, drama, action)
  • Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (gender bender, romance, comedy, bromance)
  • Moon Embracing the Sun (romance, comedy, drama)