K-Drama Recommendation

Hi Guys! This is my first post!

I am looking for great dramas so that I won’t run out of good dramas to watch.
Please give me drama recommendations :slight_smile:
I really love melodrama and romantic-comedy korean dramas :slight_smile: But if it is really a great drama no matter what genre please recommend it to me :slight_smile: I do not like historical dramas though.

So Far the dramas that I liked with a short insight.
Nine - This is the latest that I have watched. It is really awesome although it is not focused on romance. The directing, plot and the actors are really great.
Angel Eyes - Currently watching this drama and I love it so much. The actors did a really great job in this drama. I re-watched episode 1-10 for about 4 times now.
Master’s Sun - They are cute together and the plot is kinda new.
Missing You
Innocent Man/Nice Guy
Secret Garden
Rooftop Prince
Queen In Hyun’s Man
My Love from Another Star
I hear your voice
Reply 1997
Bride of the Century

I usually like it if the guy approaches the girl first.
Please give me your list of recommendations and also give a short insight about that drama.
Thank you!

Melodramas you might like

BEYOND THE CLOUDS - about the sins of fathers and trying to break “fate”

TWO WEEKS - about a father being framed for murder, trying to escape the real culprit as well as the police to safe his daughter’s life

BRIDE OF THE CENTURY - about falling in love, a family’s “curse”, and a house ghost - a roller coaster, if you liked the story telling of NINE this might be a new drama for you

Thanks for the recommendation! :slight_smile: I have watched Bride of the Century already and I think it was fun and light drama. I also love Hong Ki in it :))

How about Reply 1994?

If you don’t mind about the old dramas, try this.
–> Resurrection (or Rebirth, 부활, 2005.06.01~2005.08.18)

this is one of my favorite dramas. i watched it over and over again. but Unfortunately, because this drama is too old, Subtitles are not only insufficient but also inaccurate. but still good.
Since this drama aired, about revenge subjects became general trend in Korea.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh where to start!!! :smiley: hmmmmmm here a few completed series I REALLY enjoyed…

My all time fav is still Gu Family Book its the love story with a prophecy about a demi god wanting to become human for the woman he loves and her betrayal and the consequences their son must face as a result Myth, Magic, Romance, Action and Tragedy with a slice of Comedy. Cast is OUT OF THIS WORD good very interesting story and plot, special effects not bad and they filming of it is beautifully done. coughs and one smexy demon Wol Ryung faints

God’s Gift is a drama of a mother’s love for her child and what she would do to save her life and the bond she shares with another man whose destiny is intertwined with them. 14 days before her daughter is kidnapped and murdered she is sent back in time each episode unravels a chilling new insight into the story. and Baro is just amazing in his role

Who Are You is a murder mystery melodrama woman wakes up from being in a coma after 6 years?? her b/f and her were at a stakeout when things go terribly wrong and when she returns to the police force she has the ability to see dead people when she touches items. Her and the new partner try to solve the crimes from the lost and found area they have been dumped into because of their fall from grace within the force. Have a box of tissues close by… Kim Jae Wook’s come back after returning from the army …I missed this man…

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho No Min Woo is all I can say!! :blush: my god he is just sooooooo yummy in this and he’s only the 2nd lead…sigh but aside from that interesting tale of a fox wanting to find love and her pure innocence is really delightful the main lead man’s transformation from a complete jerk into someone I finally accepted at the end coughs personally I would of went with NMW char but those who know me know my obsession with the man :blush:

My Girl Contract marriage just hilarious absolutely adored this couple glad to see them again together in Hotel King this woman just kills me!!! Chemistry amazing and my fav :smiley: her hottie friend LOL couldn’t stop looking at him even though he’s not a main :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Doctor a MUST see this story is just overwhelmingly touching and amazingly well done it is a drama about a boy who suffers from a form of autism and his lifetime goal to be a doctor like his older brother wanted this Actor is above and beyond just WOW he did an amazing job

Full House Thai version Honestly the best ver so far that I’ve seen!!! Mike is just OMG cuteness overload same plot as the original but they just pull it off better…

Emergency Couple hospital drama dealing with divorcees and their learning from their past faults and weaknesses how to overcome and be able to work together

Switch Girl one of the funniest Japanese dramas I’ve seen and I can soooooo relate to this girl…

Ones that have my full attention right now…

Gap Dong based on the true story of the South Korean serial killings unsolved case scares the crap out of me but I just can’t stop watching!!! Ep 9 is now out right now we know who the copy cat Gap Dong is but still not sure who the original is andddddddddddd I think he ends up released next week from what I see of the preview!!! :open_mouth:

You’re All Surrounded another cop drama full of mystery and chopped full of comedy…

not to mention pure eye candy…

Fall In Love With Me my favvvvvvvvvvv Candy Fluff one out if you like Just You this is a MUST watch Aaron Yan is even more adorable in this new one if that is even possible…here he is playing his own love rival LOL seriously bipolar but just toooooooo funny can’t wait til next week’s ep to air

A Witch’s Romance Korean remake of TW Queen of No Marriage younger man falls in love with older woman who seems to be falling for him until her ex fiance shows up

Well that’s a start anyway if you have MyDramaList add me up and you can check out the dramas I’ve watched and rated :stuck_out_tongue: And I know even I look and go ohhhhhh dear that’s ALOT :smiley:

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Best time (China 2013)
Genre: Romance, Modern Metropolitan
Total Episodes: 35

The story is about the emotional secrets between an independent, career woman and an outstanding man. Su Man, a pure-hearted woman is blindly in love with Song Yi, her senior from school .She has had a crush on for years and  to pursue her love, Su Man followed Song Yi to join the MG Company with a fake resume fabricated by her best friend. There she met Lu Licheng, her superior, a successful young man who maintains a cold demeanor on the outside but is warm-hearted in the inside. Su Man treats him like a thorn in her side, yet he develops feelings for Su Man due to their interactions. Lu Licheng and Song Yi, both executives MG Company are seen as equals and both are in a power struggle in the company. Su Man, Song Yi and Lu Li Cheng’s relationships are tested in every way.


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I’ll look into it :slight_smile: The main reason I was hooked to Reply 1997 was because of the main actors :slight_smile:

Thanks! It looks interesting :))

Wow :)) Thank you for the very informative + pictures, drama recommendations :)) I have watched Good Doctor and Emergency couple and I agree with what you said :slight_smile: As for Gap Dong, You’re all surrounded and Witch’s Romance, I don’t like to start with them yet since they are still on going hahah :))


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If you like “Emergency couple”, you’ll like also CUNNING SINGLE LADY, a light romantic comedy about a divorced couple. It’s funny and addictive. I must admit I like it more than Emergency couple.

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I also enjoyed Cunning Single Lady loved the actress so much rewatching Big since she is the main lead in it :wink:

LOL I’ll let you know when they are done :stuck_out_tongue: And then I’ll know 100% by than if they are recommendable cuz if the endings sucks -_- than kinda ruins the whole show for me…

IKR ! The end is so important , I mean it can be an awesome drama but if the end the characters were all miss-explained and , i hate when , the drama goes well but , at one point starts like super faster …
Oh I feel you hahaha

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@denisa_lapusan @melliebean_2 @SleepyCarol : I’m currently watching Cunning Single Lady just because Lee Min Jung is in it :)) I’m currently on episode 9 where they went for the workshop :)) I love Big! Its so nice but the ending confused me -_-

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I just finished re watching Big the ending completely makes sense the 2nd time when you aren’t completely overwhelmed by the emotions and can focus on what the writer and director portray. After watching 15 eps of the 2 main actors if they where to show KKJ in his original state that at this point has become like a 2nd lead or side character viewers would of been left going hey that’s not who we fell in love with they don’t go together XDDD Since it has only been a year that has passed he won’t of aged that much…Thus the not show his face…the rest of the ending is all flashbacks of KKJ telling GDR what to do step by step when they met again which she does exactly…when it’s rain it’s the present time when there is sunshine it’s her remembering the past…it is actually really beautifully done but when I first watched it I was just a train wreck of emotions I didn’t understand the ending :smiley: Totally worth rewatching!!! Love the story even more now!!!

Level 7 Civil Servant ( 20 ep., comedy-romance)
Beyond the Clouds ( 16 ep. , melodrama)
Bad Love (20 ep. romance)

@melliebean_2 I’ll try to watch Big again :)) You have great insights about the drama :slight_smile:

@adelinna I just finished watching “Beyond the clouds” for me it was just an “ok” drama :slight_smile: Nothing special. It was not a tear jerker for me though :)) Well that was just my opinion :))

It’s hard to do recommendation so ones of my favourite :

There are too much… >_<

God’s Gift was really good and I *loved Sunfkyunkwan Scandal
I haven’t heard of Heartless City but the description sounds intriguing …
Is Scent of a Woman sad?? I’ve been avoiding it like the plague since I figure I’ll be a panda…
ohhhhh and I Need Romance I’ve been meaning to check out just sooooooooo many on my list of plan watching…