K-Drama Recommendation

Cinderella man… omg i totally forgot about those!

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Did anyone mention The Heirs?
Erm… It’s okay, it’s love is a nice drama too!
Shark too if you like melodrama.
Goong, though it is a pretty old drama.
Me too, Flower! though this drama is not that appealing but i enjoyed it.
The Legend.
Iljimae is a must watched!
Greatest Love is super funny!
Lately, I like Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo N (neo).

I’m just trying to list down the some recommendations that are not yet mentioned, or I failed to see being mentioned. HAHA

Hope it helps!

@umno. Hahaha just finished a marathon of ‘Cinderella Man’ only went looking because I had hated ‘Temptation’ so much I was curious to see that actor in something else.

Actually thats a top for me! I don’t know why the older dramas are more of the type i can watch over and over again not like the newer dramas.

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It’s Okay That’s Love was so beautifully done it was such an eye opening drama about mental health in a positive loving light. So many times mental health is misunderstood by the masses. This made it into my Top 10 it was just that good on how they portrayed the story and the acting just blew me out of the water I saw Jo In Sung in Frozen Flower and was impressed with his skills but all I can say is WOW stands up gives a round of applause he should win an award for It’s Okay That’s Love I truly felt connect to his character and felt his pain anguish and despair and his never ending loyalty and love truly impressed going to make the hubby watch this one with me!!

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i feel the same in that older dramas are much better then the newer ones with more exciting stories and originality, not saying i dont love the newer ones but i love the older ones and want to rewatch them more :slight_smile: it captures my heart more, which is why i am currently only watching older ones, thennn i will start newer dramas.

I love It’s Okay Its love since it was kind of new with the mental diseases concept.
Can you guys recommend a tear jerker movie that I can watch?
I want to watch sad and tearjerker korean movies!! Thanks
I have watched
A Moment to Remember
A Millionaire’s First Love
More than blue
Architecture 101
Daddy Long Legs
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
Secretly Greatly

I watched quite a lot but I cant mention them all here :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot :))

well hehe, though its not my favorite genre and i tried to avoid it at all cost, i (unintentionally) just watched “a millionaires first love” movie not to long ago and it was heartbreaking and sad T.T as for dramas, i will recommend “i miss you”, “nice guy”, “can you hear my heart”, and “that winter the wind blows”. i liked them all because they didnt end tragically but still have some sad parts :slight_smile: you’ve probably watched allot of these tho…

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It’s 3am over here and i just finished can you hear my heart… Beautiful drama T_T 30 episodes can be very long for a kdrama but here it was okay i enjoyed every minute. My head hurts from crying tho !!! You got your revenge for 49 days with this lmao

Add beyond the clouds :smiley: Love this melodrama

AHHHHH!!! YOU FINISHED IT! kjdnsdhsdahd xDDD omg yay! 3am, girrllll when i was watching it i stould up that late too… im so glad you finished it! and i felt the same. when i saw the amount of episodes i was like: :neutral_face: … NO. but i didnt mind those 30 episodes at all and they were just flying by. i enjoyed every minute too. and i then im like “30 episodes? NOTHING. game on.” lol
can you hear my heart’s the only exception for me with that.

awww sweetie its okay! i was crying too! come 'er. you need one

BELIEVE ME, i was BAWLING MY EYES OUT :joy_cat: i know just what your talking about. O.O will message you.
omg thanks for watching! im so happy you got to, and gasp! beyond the clouds has a good end too? its going in my list definitley! the moment in watch it i will tell you, more of a reason to watch it now xD plus you sent me the ost. :slight_smile:

ROTFL ROTFL i guess i did :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: although i still dont like to see/hear about anyone being sad or crying, but i remember you said you dont cry easily as you did, boy was this drama turning that around for us all, right? haha

Yeah i didn’t cry for dramas a while now but this was too much. I guess family things make me cry more than love problems lol

Beyond the clouds has a nice ending for the main couple. For a melodrama i was satisfied. Not as happy as can you hear my heart tho

oh you can compare it to nice guy 's ending !! It was that type of thing. Watching that drama made me wanna fall in love so badly even though it was just hurtful lol same with can you hear my heart. I would really appreciate it if i could be the main lead in my life instead of the second lead lol

of course. nothing could top that wonderful dad of her’s, ,maru’s problems and that grandma!

yeah, that was my definition of a “perfect” ending. but i already know lots of dramas dont end that way or are missing something. you kinda have to be satisfied with certain endings, cuz with a melodrama, thats all your gonna get, LOL. but if its that good i will def. watch it!

well then thats good then,as long as it was positive, maybe an open end but still positive. im able to deal with that haha xD

haha ikr. dont we all feel like second lead? in almost everything in life. LOL

@shobe_tj_tan_84. Ok remember you asked for this! If you can survive the loss of water from your body and see through the tears.
‘What happened in Bali’
‘Autumn in my heart’
both old but real tear jerkers.
Oh and the others that have been mentioned.
Let us know if you cried a years tears?

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My recommendation:

A Thousand Kisses.

I am so hooked this drama even it has 50 episodes.

I need a recommendation.
I like a serious drama, or like supernatural-ish drama, murder mystery drama.

I LOVED The Devil (Mawang, The Lucifer, Satan) it made me cry like a baby at the end,
I also loved That Winter, The Wind Blows
and I am crazy about God’s Quiz…

I am looking for other series like The Devil and God’s Quiz, where they are intelligent and dark.
Can anyone give me any suggestions… I know this is someone’s else’s discussion that I have hijacked,
but any help with finding my next series would be awesome. Thank you!!

  • Vampire Prosecutor
  • Ten 1 and 2

The both are about murderer and are serious.

Thank you!

Another drama that the Devil creators made was Resurrection, they also made Shark but isn’t as strong as the other two.
A Man’s Story - might be something for you.
All In - perhaps …
Beyond The Clouds
Heartless/Cruel City
Golden Cross
Padam Padam
Perhaps Love …
NINE - Nine Times Time Travel
Should be enough for a while, if you haven’t seen them already?

I havent seen any of those so I will have to definitly go through those.
I just watched Ghost and liked it very much, kinda was too cheesy near the end, but a solid show.

Thank you lutra for the suggestions!