K-drama recommendations

I’m interested in finding new k-dramas to watch this summer. Any recommendations are appreciated. Some examples of k-dramas I have watched are: cunning single lady, pinnochio, ex girlfriends club, super daddy, flower boy raymen shop, flower boy next door, birth of a beauty, and high school love on.

If you are young i.e. a student you may like School 2015 ‘Who are you’. ‘It’s ok that’s love’ is excellent. ‘Healer’
"My love from the stars’ and don’t miss the new tear jerker ‘My love Eun dong’ ‘High society’ looks promising too.
But do look at some of the older dramas that left us all feeling empty for quite a while. ‘Secret’ ‘Secret garden’ ‘Faith’
ah I could go on too long think that’s enough, keep searching through all the items here on the discussion page and you’ll find lots of recommendations.

This year I really loved Healer, Heart to Heart and Falling for Innocence :slight_smile:

Oh yes these 3 were good. The common denominator is the 3 couples all excellent.

The Lover(It’s rated 18+ though), Let’s Eat

Yeah, the love stories were great and very different. The actors had great chemistry !

One my favorites dramas is “A witch’s romance” , It’s really underrated, but if you watch it , you won’t regret it. :wink:

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Heyy does anyone know a reallly good action romance drama? Kind of like City hunter and Healer.

What about ‘When a man loves’ he’s a street fighter so there’s action and deff romance. The movie ‘Always’ gorgeous love story a bit heavy at times I like it.

Kill me Heal me. The best!!!


Kill Me, Heal Me
Grandpas Over Flowers
Who Are You: School 2015
Orange Marmalade
Let’s Eat (first and second)
Marry Me, Mary
The Color of a woman
Inspiring Generation
The Moon Embracing The Sun

My all-time favorites:
Reply 1997
It’s Okay, That’s Love
City Hunter
My Love from Another Star
Liar Game

Some others to recommend:
School 2013 (The bromance!- but a tear jerker)
Sungkyunkwan Scandal (bromance better than main couple)
Dream High
You’re Beautiful
I Hear Your Voice
Good Doctor
Bride of the Century

Action ones:
I’m currently watching I Remember You and Hidden Identity and they are both really good! Does I Hear Your Voice and Liar Game count as action? There are some good korean action movies though! Like Cold Eyes, Tough as Iron, etc.

My top list:

Coffee Prince
Boys Over Flowers
The Master’s Sun
It’s OK, It’s Love
Kill Me, Heal Me
The Secret Garden

Some other fun KDs:
Bride of the Century
Trot Lovers (amazing singing, even in another language)
High Society (agree it looks good)
Warm and Cozy

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Today I started watching Dream High. I watched 5 episodes in a row… It’s good. I’m surprised that I’ve just found it. Thank you for recommendation :smiley: I needed something like that. Bullying in this school reminds me of Boys Over Flowers, which was first k-drama I’ve seen. I’m watching this drama like I was watching BOF four years ago…


Let’sss Eat :heart_eyes:

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OMG I loved your top list :heart_eyes:
I love all these Dramas

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5 out of 5 dramas:
Angry Mom
Cinderella’s Sister
King of dramas
Personal Taste
School 2013
Marry Me, Mary
King of High School
Other honorable mentions:
Me too, flower
Reply 1997
Kill me, heal me
And it’s still airing till next week, but I believe the ending of I Remember You will not disappoint me.

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IRIS season1 and Athena: Goddess of War

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out of my top list dramas:
(listed according to date of production from latest to oldest)

I remember You
Kill Me, Heal Me
My Love From The Stars
Emergency Couple
King 2 hearts
Secret Garden
Sungkyunkwan Scandal

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Good list but how could you leave out ‘It’s ok that’s love’ and ‘Fated to love you’.?
The only one I don’t agree with you on is ‘Mask’ I’d never include it with the others but there again we all have interesting and different opinions on our drama lists, that’s what makes this discussion page great.

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