[K-DRAMA] Recruiting a Korean t-editor for "Mrs. Cop 2"!

Hello, everyone!

I recently had a channel get licensed and fully-subtitled episodes called “Mrs. Cop 2.” I’m currently looking for a Korean t-editor to help us translation edit the episodes so we can begin our process of editing and release them for other languages to subtitle. We’re not in a rush, but I would like 1-3 episodes t-edited a week. My only requirements are that you are fluent in Korean AND English and have a history of subtitling. :slight_smile:

We can also work out you working part-time.

If you are interested in helping us out, please let me know! Thank you.

Best regards,
Thy (CM)

Channel: https://www.viki.com/tv/30535c-mrs-cop-2
Contact me (my profile): https://www.viki.com/users/icedthy/overview

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The subs provided are by kocowa if I understood correctly. These subs are made by professional subtitlers that are getting paid. Do we still need to edit them?
Unless they really don’t follow our viki regulations for subbing that would be fine to edit them but if they are good why bother finding people to help?
We have very little people helping and the amount of the series and movies that need them is enormous.
I believe it could be better to just make sure they are correct in English terms, grammar, syntax and so on.
We have a lot of people that have a good English knowledge to help with that.
And another important fact is that this series is under the kocowa content. That means is only available to people that live in the USA and Americas all together and have viki plus. (I can’t mention it here but if you are a qcor you can access it, pm me for details).

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I’m not sure if it’s provided by KOCOWA, but thanks for giving me a heads up. I will talk about it with my current t-editor, and we’ll see from there. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is provided by them that’s why all the episodes were uploaded with subtitles on them.
If you have already a TE you are a very lucky person.
I need a TE urgently as well for The duo.
If the subtitles in Mrs. Cop 2 are good and don’t need a lot of TE can you please send your TE to me, please???
Kisses and jugs

I have a question for you. Do the episodes open for you because yesterday I couldn’t open them.

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I opened them just fine today. :slight_smile: