[K-DRAMA] Recruiting English to Italian and English to Greek subtitlers for Soulmate [SOLVED]

I am looking for good and experienced subtitlers for the drama Soulmates https://www.viki.com/tv/29536c-soulmate

  • English to Italian
  • English to Greek.
    It is very important to also know how to write well in the target language (no word by word translation which makes no sense).
    Please note that you’ll need to submit a sample segment before getting the job. Sorry about that, no offence meant, but there are many subtitlers out there with only basic knowledge of the source and/or the target language, who are not aware of their own limitations.

If you’re interested send me a p.m.

Just a suggestion, you could check someone’s recent subs in their “recent contributions” tab. It would be easier and faster to weed out translators that don’t meet your requirements.


I do that already. But for many dramas it’s not possible because I’m not allowed to enter into Subtitle Editor if I’m not part of the team. And of course by just watching the drama I cannot know which part a subtitler has translated, or if it has been corrected by the Moderator or Editor.

CLOSED (the show has been subtitled already).:slight_smile: