[K-DRAMA] Recruiting for "The Liar and his Lover"

Hello everyone!

The Liar and his Lover is a new k-drama from tvN and will air on March 20th 2017. Starring: Lee Hyun Woo and Joy (RedVelvet) as the main couple and many other well known actors as well.

We are still recruiting korean-english subbers, segmenters and other language moderators! Korean-english subbers please contact our chief editor cgwm808. Segmenters (graduates from 101 or Ninja Academy) and language moderators please contact our channel manager somejuwels. Other language subbers please take a look on our coverpage and contact the respective language moderator or our channel manager!

If you want to help us to get the license, please follow our channel and fill out this request!

You can even vote for the team name :slight_smile: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1B4UdpScP8GReOEgWzrO9-mIoum-zpzi2nFJlIyuxrrE/edit

Thank you so much for your help!


Likely to be licensed soon too :smiley:

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I liked that Kdrama, hopefully you get it @somejuwels!:grin:


I discovered the new channel, too and re-applied. :heart:


Thank you, I’ll try to get it back.


Yes! We got it! Take a look! :wink: I’m so happy! Thanks, Viki! Wow! :dancer::sparkler::fireworks::confetti_ball:


This post shoud be closed, but I can’t change the title. There is a new channel manager, so please send her a message, if you want to join the team!

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You can’t change the title of your own thread? That’s so weird!

That happens after a certain time. I once wanted to edit my first post in a topic because I wanted to update it but I couldn’t. So I had to post a new updated reply but people still kept replying when only reading the outdated post. So annoying.

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No, I can’t change it. A long time ago you changed the titles on many threads and added brackets and if it’s a K-Drama or C-Drama. So I guess, this stripped me off the rights to edit my own thread. This is not meant as an accusation! :grinning:

No, that’s not the reason. I think that Viki removed the right to do so for everybody.
After the ruckus raised by someone because I edited grammar on a thread title, I cannot edit threads anymore, but I see I cannot even edit my own threads.
And it’s not a question of old or not old. I used to be able to edit even super-old threads, and I put “closed” on many of them because new wannabe subbers kept writing at the end of those threads asking to be part of the team, without looking at the date of the first message, which was 2012 or 2013!
But now, nothing.
Is it possible that they removed this possibility for everyone?

Maybe they removed this for everyone. I’ll ask Viki to close this thread.

@irmar Some newbies are really good at finding really old topics. Sometimes you get a reply on a topic you didn’t even remember you made. Or someone still finds it needed to respond to something you said like 5 years ago.

I think Viki should get a broom and start to clean up a little.


On the other hand, surprisingly, some old projects are still undone. Viki cannot know.

I haven’t got replies to any volunteering messages. I want to start contributing and be translator. But for me this plateform seems unactive. Many messages and topics seems years old-

Since these topics are very old people don’t check them often or the positions you want to apply for are already filled. Honestly I don’t really use these forums when I’m recruiting for my channel… I don’t check the posts where people offer their help unless I ‘know’ that person or that person is offering something I really need and are hard to find.

What I suggest you to do is looking at channels you would like to work on and that might still need help. Check the wall if there is a moderator in your language and PM that person to offer your help. Don’t forget to mention the drama and what you have to offer. A “Hi, I want to join your team” won’t usually work. Please also make sure you check properly because I sometimes get PM’s that people want to sub something in a language that has completed subs for years.

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I’ll go ahead to close this topic as requested! :slight_smile:

Separately, we’ve shared some information around the permissions to edit subject lines of threads that are authored by another user - read about it here!

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