[K- Drama] Spanish Subtitlers Needed for Flower in Prison

Spanish mod, Lupita311 is urgently seeking Spanish subtitlers for Korean historical, Flower in Prison featuring Jin Se Yeon and Go Soo. Please pm her.

It’s about how this woman becomes a pro-bono lawyer in Joseon. Very intricate script some comic relief. Not too much romance but shippy feels here and there.

Vocab is ok I think. Lupita is an excellent guide.

Thank you very much,
translation editor and English subtitler for the Kor-Eng team, Pretty Prisoners on viki.

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Hello Sophie, I can help you to translate english to spanish but only for weekends.

Could you please pm lupita311 if you are still interested?
Thank you^^

Hello. I can help to translate English to Spanish :blush:

Please send lupita311 a private message thank you. She is the Spanish moderator. Thank you.