[K-DRAMA SPECIAL] Korean-English translator for "What is the Ghost doing" [SOLVED]

We need a Korean-English translator.
This is one of those wonderful KBS drama specials.
Episode 8: What is the Ghost Doing has not yet been fully subtitled in English (we are at about 70-80% right now (October 23, 2016). It is available, all translated, on youtube, but of course we cannot steal those. They could be used for reference, however.
The whole collection is subtitled in English and some other languages, there is only this one episode missing! I call it episode, but they are independent 1-hour films.
If you are willing to give us a hand in translating the last part from Korean to English, please write to the English manager @mirna023_316

귀신은 뭐하나 What Is The Ghost Doing (literal title)
Revised romanization: Gwishineun Meohana
Director: Cha Young-Hoon
Writer: Son Se-Rin
Network: KBS2
Release Date: Friday July 31, 2015
Language: Korean

Lee Joon as Cheon Dong
Jo Soo-Hyang as Moo Rim
Oh Sang-Jin as Seo Joon-Hyeok
Lee Yong-Nyeo as Boo-Ddeul
Yang Jo-A as Ui-Joo
Cheondong (Lee Joon) got dumped by his first love Murim (Jo Soo-Hyang) 8 years ago, in an especially cruel way (telling him he’s a loser in bed). He’s on the verge of getting sick of his boring life when Murim appears in front of him as a ghost. Even before he could accept Murim’s death, Murim asks him for a favor. It’s to find her boyfriend. Cheondong gets angry at first but he ends up looking for her boyfriend.


I can help

Great! I thought you were a Portuguese subtitler, I didn’t know you are also proficient in Korean. If this is the case, please send a p.m. to @mirna023_316.

OK… Thank You.

Update: It has been translated, it’s ready now!

THANK YOU rin_aoi and blueserenity


hi! i would also like to help you with Korean to English subtitling!

i think 7 years later this isn´t neccassarry anymore

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I get it that you must be new here, but are you new to the internet generally? Maybe. Then, here are some tips.

  • Please read the title of the thread properly. It says it’s solved, closed, whatever.
  • The last post before yours says that the video has already been translated and ready.
  • The date of that last message was November 2016.
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