[K-Drama Special] Recruiting English-BahasaIndonesia Subbers

Unexpected-Life Drama Special

Looking for Bahasa Indonesia subtitler to join our team.
19 episodes have already been aired, but Korean-English Editor will release the episodes one by one. So, no rush.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Please PM Bahasa Indonesia moderator, whiteclouddott.


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It’s 18 episodes total. For some reason, they skipped one number, after 9 it goes to 11, LOL!

Question: Have you talked to yellowheart? They have started an Indonesian subtitle group and they are working on some dramas together. Perhaps you, yellowheart and abbeyzee (another moderator with yellowheart) would talk and maybe organize a larger group to handle the Indonesian subbers who all are eager to help? :slight_smile:

Perhaps they also have the horses to help on your project now too? I don’t know - so I’m suggesting you guys talk. :slight_smile:

Anyway - I thought I would mention it, perhaps it would help to advance the language overall here. :slight_smile:


Silly me…

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I am in her group hahaha I am one of her horse (what does this mean anyway :grinning: )
we do have some volunteers working together. At the moment we are doing some on air Taiwanese drama.
But some of the members are also moderator for other dramas as well, and we just pitch in and help each other.
Well I guess @yellowheart and @abbeyzee are very popular in Viki community. Glad I work with them too.
Thank you for your suggestion @deadliftdiva_548, which language are you working on?


Sigh. I appear to have made a miscommunication.

It was merely intended to see if she could help you, you could join forces.

American idiom. Regarding horses.

My mater lingua is English. I CM three Chinese dramas - from the mainland. Mandarin.

I suggested yellowheart and abbeyzee for their work at Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. :slight_smile:

Sincere and abject apologies if I have communicated poorly.

(today, the last couple of days, i have no name. please pardon my lack of signature)

It’s okay. What a small world after all :slight_smile:
Thank you for your kind intention to help.
Looking forward to work with you too in the future.


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