[K-DRAMA] "The Liar and his lover" - Is it here on Viki?

Hi the drama the liar and his lover is’nt no more here in Viki? Under what name I can find it?

It has been removed.


I don’t remember it was licensed. Was it? Or was it only a Fan Channel?
If it didn’t get the license, then Viki had to remove it somehow…

You’re not missing anything. It was really disappointing. The premise of the story was interesting, because you got to see the insides of the Korean idol factories and song business, but it was poorly executed. The three main actors were one worse than the other. The male lead was decent in “Moorim School” but here he was vastly inadequate and wore only one wooden expression from beginning to end. The girl has a good voice, and she sang beautifully, but that’s about it. Not to speak of the second leads - second-hand embarrassment and cringe, both the writing of those characters and the acting of the inexperienced actors. The finale was underwhelming as well.
Oh yes! I almost forgot! This is the drama that took away the award of worst kiss in k-drama history from “Heartstrings”.
If you still want to see it, it’s available, of course, on the usual alternative places. But I strongly suggest you spend these 16 hours on something else.

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Oh ok. Do you know if we can request the drama again?

Oh lk. Thanks for the advice.