K-drama with a "shy/introverted" female lead?

I’m fairly new to the K-drama world and it seems like most female leads have quite a strong / sure of themselves kind of personality …
I’d like to know if there are any k-drama where the main female character is shy/introverted/sensible etc

You mean “sensitive”, right? Because there are not many sensible people in k-dramas anyway.
I think you just happened to watch dramas with heroines sure of themselves. Most are not that way, and they are immediately swayed with doubts when the evil second female lead tells them lies to make them believe that the hero doesn’t love the shy heroine but the evil/seductive second lead.

Okay, let me think a little so that I can offer something more useful as a suggestion.
Another Oh Hae Young. The heroine is constantly being compared to another girl with the same name, always negatively. She thinks she’s a nobody and drinks herself to stupor because of that.
Oh My Ghostess. The heroine is very introverted, shy and never speaks up for herself. Of course it’s also because she sees ghosts so her life is difficult.
Birth of a Venus. The heroine is very shy because she used to be fat and constantly put down/bullied, so even when things change she cannot get used to it.
My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Substitute fat for ugly and you have the same psychological situation (although the plot is different)
Emergency Couple. Again a heroine who doesn’t speak up for herself, has zero self-worth because she thinks she’s ignorant, and tries hard to overcome the problems this attitude has brought her.
It’s Ok, it’s love. The heroine has anxiety disorder and is afraid of being intimate with a man. The drama is one of the best here.
On the Way to the Airport . The heroine is a total doormat. It takes her many episodes to start reacting.
Dear Fair Lady Gong Shim. She’s the child that her parents don’t care about, they give everything to her sister, so her sense of self-worth is below zero.
Twenty again (a.k.a. Second Time Twenty Years old). A doormat wife very, very gradually stops playing the victim and thinking she’s worthless.

Queen of the Ring (mini series). Again a plain girl with no self-confidence. Awesome actress, awesomely handsome actor.

I also recommend a beautiful Japanese series called Jin. Part 1 and part 2. A doctor gets transported back in the 19th century. The female lead is a girl who’s strong inside but very shy and quiet. DON’T WATCH THE KOREAN VERSION. There are some gross surgical scenes, as in all medical dramas, but if it’s a problem for you, you can just scroll down a bit, as I did.

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Yeah, I don’t know why I have this image of the female lead always being confident …
Thank you for all the suggestions :heart_eyes:

There were already other threads with this topic, maybe you will find something for you to watch.

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