[🇰🇷 K-MOVIE] Language moderators for "Fanfare"


Hello :slight_smile:

I am looking for language moderators to help with the translation of the Korean movie Fanfare.

The movie will air on June 12 and will be exclusive to VikiPass. This means that you will need a QC status or a subscription to be able to work on this project!
If you want to translate, please contact the moderator in charge of your language.

Urgent search:
English subtitles are provided by Viki. We are looking for a Translation Editor (Korean > English) who can help us check the quality of the subtitles!
If you are available and interested, please contact our Chief Editor mirjam_465.

List of moderators already found:

Don’t hesitate to PM me! :sunflower:

Thank you, have a great day,