[K-MOVIE] We need language mods for "On Our Wedding Day"

The korean film “On Our Wedding Day” is now under coming soon that’s why we need other language mod’s as well.

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Do you remember your first love?

This is the story of Woo Yeon, a man who sees his only love as Seung Hee, a girl who believes in falling in love in 3 seconds. It portrays the hardships of first love, spanning 10 years as they mature from children into adults.

Main Cast
Park Bo Young & Kim Young Kwang

Supporting Cast
Kang Ki Young
Go Kyu Pil
Jang Sung Bum
Cha Yup
Seo Eun Soo
Bae Hae Sun

We still need:

  • Arabic
  • Finnish
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Serbo-Croatian
  • Turkish
  • Russish
  • Czech
  • Hebrew
  • Swedish
  • Tai
  • Serbo-croatian
  • Japanese
  • Greek
  • Norwegian
  • Durch
  • Malay
  • Bosnian
  • Montenegrin

We already have:

  • Dutch: tansu_bu
  • French: vee
  • German: teufelchen_netty_266 & rose_shn
  • Hungarian: gecziamalia
  • Italian: hiratai
  • Polish: scarlet_light
  • Portuguese: karenperez & lyhrocha
  • Romanian: tony83n_283
  • Serbian: nevenaa
  • Spanish: marisol_inf
  • Turkish: jrherminesblog
  • Vietnamese: zano_v

Pls write rose_shn a PN! :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: I can translate Bosnian, Serbo-croatian and Montenegrin. Please let me know if i can help!

Unfortunetely you need to have a QC to sub or moderate this film. :frowning:
Sorry to say that >.<

Oh - its okay, dont be sorry.
How can i earn that?

You need 3000 subtitles (or segments, but nobody should attempt to create segments unless trained). Naturally, quantity shouldn’t be the only goal. At the same time, this threshold of 3000 wants to give you the time to become more familiar with how Viki works, get the hang of translating, learn the usual rules followed by volunteer teams (formatting rules but not only) and generally gain experience.
Then you’re called a Qualified Contributor. To keep this title, you only have to contribute 500 subs (or segments, if you’re a segmenter) every 6 months.

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안녕하세요 저는 영상번역을 공부중인 일본사람입니다.
아직 자리가 남아있으면 일본어 자막을 도와드리고싶습니다

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Your message is in Japanese but how’s your English? You need to know both to work as a translator/subber in dramas. Good Luck!

Sorry for the lack of information.
Although I mainly focus on writing subtitles in Japanese for Korean dramas, I can also speak and work in English.
Let me know if you need any more information.
Looking forward to hearing from you.



I just wanted you to add that also bc it helps when they are looking for Japanese subbers/translators which we have so few (if any) around here. A long while back I did spanish subs in a Japanese drama, and it was translated so terrible it hurt me to work there but I worked hard in fixing the subs so they were translated in Spanish correctly (although the English was very complicated to understand).

If you have a Rakuten/viki profile is good to add the link here also.

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