[K-MOVIES] Two classic Korean films missing some subtitles (SOLVED)

There is a classic Korean film of the '60s, “Kinship” which is only subtitled at 69% which is a shame.
It needs someone to complete it.

There is another one, but it needs an experienced Korean person, because the language is old.
“The Wedding Day”. http://www.viki.com/videos/217882v3
It is a classic 1956 South Korean black-and-white film directed by Lee Byung Il. The film, which won the Comedy Award at the Asian Film Festival, holds the distinction of being the first Korean movie to garner an award at an overseas film festival. By receiving the recognition, the film did much to help bolster the confidence of the fledgling Korean film industry. A bit old-fashioned, but sweet.
It said it’s subtitled at 84% but in reality it’s much less, because the subtitler had just put break marks on the subtitle field.

Any nice Korean-English subtitlers who would like to fill in what’s missing?

I started subbing The Wedding Day just for you (and few commenters who have expressed how they wished it was subbed). Not my kind of drama though. I will miss a few lines that I can’t hear well but it should be close to 100% when I’m done. I’m about half way through. When I’m done (not today), I may go back and fill in the song lyrics in the beginning scene, too, even though I don’t typically like filling in OST. The song is a Korean traditional song called “Bellflower,” which is the same as the name of the village where the groom lives. I probably won’t work on the other movie though.


Thank you, that was so sweet! I really appreciate it. And it is so fortunate that you also recognized the song. Can you also understand the Chinese writing at the beginning?
I downloaded the youtube subtitles to help with this, they are somehow complete.
Maybe those movies are not the best in the world, and the ideology is old-fashioned. But they are the history of Korean cinema, and one can see, by watching them, how it evolved. Plus they show the mentality of those times, which is a fascinating insight. So a meta-pleasure, if you will!

Actually I’ve been told that the segments are a mess as well and I noticed that they are very short, like one sentence by one person split in 2-3 segments.
It was suggested to me that I save all the subtitles for all languages in text files, delete all segments and subtitles, have segments redone and then, based on my saved files, fill in the subtitles again. cgwm808 suggested this. She told me that no professional segmenter would want to correct those, and no professional subtitler would like to work on them if they are like that.
For the moment I am waiting for a reply to my CM request.


@irmar @bozoli
I’m done with The Wedding Day and it’s at 99%. I couldn’t fill a couple lines but they are not really important lines to the story. I’m sure it can be edited more to make it better but I’m not going to go through it again. Segments weren’t the best but it was workable.

I know the song but they changed the lyrics and I couldn’t really hear what they were singing. I searched for their lyrics and I was able to find only first couple lines so that’s what I filled in with.

I don’t know the Chinese writing in the beginning. I’m pretty sure that they are just cast and crew credits. I honestly didn’t pay that much attention to that.

Well, enjoy it!

Oh, I almost forgot. While I was working on it, I got the Viki “Classics” badge! Not that I collect those, but I supposed it was an unexpected little bonus! haha


I wish I could give you double heart for the good deed!

I do have the Chinese credits, from youtube. I found them on youtube (no, the song lyrics were not there)
The timing is different, youtube is 12 seconds late. But the sequence is the same, so I’m going to fill them in.

If you say that the segments are not that horrid, maybe when I’m over with the Ninja academy I can try fixing the most obvious ones myself.
The only bother is that I will have to have copied all the main languages for the deleted segment somewhere in a file and then copy paste them back again one by one.


I’d think you’d have to adjust the segs, for the most part, instead of deleting and recreating

When there is a sentence and they have made a sentence for each word
why don’t you tell us
what you want?

they cannot be combined without deleting the two of the three, right? So you’d have to move all the subtitles in one of them, for instance the first, then delete the two last ones and then extend the first.
I wish there was another way to merge!

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That’s right.

The two films are fully subtitled in English now, as well as captioned in Korean!