[K-Variety] “After School Club” Recruiting segs, subs, mods


I recently took over the management of the “After School Club” Variety show and I am looking to Revamp the team since most of the people on the channel are inactive.

Here is the channel link:

I am currently looking to recruit:

  • Chief Segmenter

  • Segmenters (graduates from Ninja Academy or Seg101)

  • Translation Editor

  • Korean- English Subbers (Also need subbers for English captions)

  • All other language moderators
    Except: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish.

  • Subbers in all languages

If you would like to join the team, PM me HERE.


Just bumping the post.

We are still recruiting Segmenters (graduates from Ninja Academy or Seg101 or experienced with 5,000+ segments)

We also need a Translation Editor who is fluent in Korean and English.


Hello! Are you still looking for a translation editor? I am new to the Viki Community, but I am searching for translation/subbing jobs! I am bilingual in Korean and English. Thank you so much.