[K-Variety] Korean Bros - Looking for Translation Editor and Moderators!

Hi! We are the Korean Bros! Korean Bros comprises three members: Jinhyoung, Nam and JK. We introduce you to the Korean culture, try different Korean foods, and talk about interesting trends in Korea. Are you ready to enjoy and learn about life in Korea with us? Let’s go!

Please, if you are interested in being part of the team, pm Gennipher

I’m looking for Translation Editor and Moderators.

SPANISH - angelica12306_137

THAI - milliare

PORTUGUESE - parkticia

HEBREW - sansho

ARABIC - hmk_201288_223

FINNISH - bongsoon_25

FRENCH - deval_chloe

ROMANIAN - _taeko10

SWEDISH - ebbanie

TAGALOG - htorref_860

ITALIAN - klaudiotta

HINDI - sandeepsandhu