[K-VARIETY] Segmenter and subtitler needed for "Secretly greatly"

Hi everybody new MC of the TV Show Secretly greatly. It’s a show who prank famous south korean celebrities.
If you want to be part of the team answer me or send me a message. I’ll be glad to answer you.
Waiting for your answer hoping you will want to laugh together working on this show.
Thank you.

Is there a spot for a segmenter? In which language do you need subtitles? I’m willing to work with you

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Of course their is a place for you as segmenter. And for subtitler i only have one kor-french substitler and i do the french so you can do the one you know tell me and i will add you !! tell me. :slight_smile:

Ok. Then, when do I start?

I already add you on the segmenter team and i’m waiting that you tell me wich languages you want to subtitle

really afraid to start, all I know is english and a bit of spanish and little german . I would like to try.

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I can subtitle english-spanish and the other way around but I don’t know if that’s useful to you.

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Hi no problem even if you can’t translate everything, doing the little you can is already a great help for us :wink:
If you are not afraid anymore, tell me and I will add you.
On top of that there is people to answer your question if you need !! :slight_smile:

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Of course it’s useful, the more we are the faster we do. But we are not in a rush don’t worry. And for the moment their is no much people working on so we tried our best !

when can I start?

For now you can translate episode 1 part 1 in spanish we are checking the other. You must have received a mail that explain you how to function on the channel i send you a message to on you viki profil have you seen it ?

just saw it thanks

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hello, I could be a segmenter, I also know English and Spanish if that helps.

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Of course help is welcomed. But have you graduated from a segmenting channel because the work is very diffucult.
As for the translation you can if you want become spanish but we need more korean-eng first to permit other to subtitles.

Well, yes i have some experience, if you want you can test me with some parts and then let me know if it’s ok. same goes for EN-ES subtitles whenever they are ready…

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Well for now I can’t judge you I’m curently doing the ninja academy.
But Kpopkolorado is the one taking care of that.
As for the spanish sub I trusted you. I wiil add you and ask other to whatch.

Welcome !!!

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I am interested in segmenting.

I just finish from Ninja Academy as a segmenter, a total newbie. I am also still waiting on my badge, but if you are still looking and is willing to take me in—I would love to b of help! :slight_smile:

Hi. i can translate from English to Polish if u want to :wink:

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I finally found a person that can fix the segments you can sub in Polish upto episode 9 no further than that please. We need to fix the segments. Thank you.