[K-WebDrama] Looking for Moderators and Subbers

Hi! Do you want to join our Team? The Web Drama is “Under The Black Moonlight”. It’s a 9 Episodes Drama. Please, other languages moderators, take a look at the Main Page before you PM me because there are already some Moderators. Thank you!

Hi. I can help sub Kor-Eng.

Wonderful! I’ll add right away! Thank you sooooo much!

Hi I can help to sub kor-eng as well!

Glad! Thank you! Could you start right away, plz? :heart::heart::heart:

you don’t need for other languages? I would like to help ENG/SPA

If you look at the drama’s main page you will see there is already a Spanish Moderator: marisol_inf, ely1kim. So you can write to her and ask to be part of the team.

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Hi! I can do romanian if you are interested :slight_smile:

Hey, I could do German subbing from English if the help is needed.

Have a good day!

ok! thanks! ^^

I think we already have one…

you don’t need for other languages? I would like to help ENG/PORT

She posted this because she needed Korean-English subbers.
For other languages, you should contact the moderator of your language, who is responsible for recruiting his or her language team.
The whole list is here: https://www.viki.com/tv/28633c-under-the-black-moonlight?q=Under%20The%20Black%20Moonlight#modal-volunteer
It includes a Romanian moderator, groovealexandra, a Portuguese moderator, simonysilva and a German moderator, leejihye.

If you had read the thread, you would have seen I posted a similar reply five days ago.

@alice_roselli, I think that maybe it would be better to modify the title of your post, otherwise you’ll be inundated by requests for subbing in all possible languages, LOL! It seems nobody is reading your first post, just the title.

Do you still need Korean-ENg subbers if you do I can help.

@yuki1997 How many years have you studied Korean?
Would you be interested in the position of a kor-eng translation editor for
The Duo (if you don’t know what a translation editor does ask me)
and for being a translator for medical brothers?

I have been unofficially studying for almost 6 years. But I also have studied for a year in college with textbooks and I went and lived in Korea for about 10 months and was living with Koreans and speaking Korean everyday I was fluent by 6 months.

I would be fine doing whatever you need me to do I am new to the whole wiki translating thing but I am ready to help. Is a translation editor someone who just looks over other subtitles and fixes them?
I would be willing to do whatever as long as I can help. :slight_smile:

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@yuki1997 Awesome. Then you can definitely help us here.
And yes a translation editor goes over the existing subtitles and makes sure everything is translated and makes sense in English and that there aren’t any missing dialogues, written texts, messages, signs, e.t.c. and lyrics to songs. So he/she corrects what it needs to be corrected and fills in what needs to be filled in.
Since you are starting now you can read the guidelines our ninja academy made for translators and TEs:
When you read this if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Then would you like to give a try at translating first medical brothers episode 7 till the end of the series?
I really don’t have anyone to help. The translation stopped in episode 6 for more than six months.
Here is the link for the series to take a look:
Pm me to talk further if you are interested

It seems like there still isn’t a Dutch team, so I’d love to join to help for English-Dutch

I can help to translate english to french :wink:

I can help as an English language grammar editor. I have experience as an editor–over 4,500 subtitles.