Kafka-esque world of customer support and help requests

At last, my status has been restored as All Languages Moderator on Doctors.
There is a new anonymous staff member with the avatar vikisubteam as of December 5, 2023, who is the channel manager.

I posted a request about restoring my moderator series on a channel for which the channel managers are no longer active. After a month I got this email

Hello cgwm808,
Thanks for reaching out to the Help Center.
We appreciate your dedication to the K drama series Doctors, and we apologize for any inconvenience you’ve faced. To assist you further, could you let us know if the issue has been resolved or if you still require assistance? We’re here to help.

Thank you,
Viki Community Team Member

So I responded in writing that I still had no access as a moderator to Doctors. I responded both by email to Ernst and viki pm “The issue was not “solved” but marked recently as “solved” in my activities list. Please do look at the cover page listing me as All languages moderator and look though my contibution list to see the number of contributions I made to the subtitling.”

I could have, but did not sarcastically ask, if they didn’t do anything and resolve the issue, why were they asking me, the customer, if the issue was resolved when they are in possession of the knowledge they had done nothing. Was the issue supposed to be magically resolved?
Today I was asked to rate satisfaction with community support but when I clicked on “Bad” I received a message that the issue had been closed so rating was not possible!
Not only did community support fail to resolve an issue, but they closed it after being informed that the issue was NOT resolved. Then to add insult to incompetence, I was requested to rate satisfaction but the system made it impossible to respond because the issue was prematurely closed by the system!


If they dare to treat YOU this way, there’s no hope for the rest of us!


This seems to be some sort of very recent update to the Help Center, because it definitely did not used to be this way. I’ve filed requests a couple of times, mostly pertaining to some missing badges, and usually I’d get a reply back relatively quickly and there was no first email about “Has your problem been solved already?” The last time I messaged for my K-Drama badges, I also got this email and one like it again a couple of days later. Anyway, I messaged them back the second time around that it hadn’t been solved. I thought that it had possibly been marked as solved anyway because of some glitch with the system because I’d gotten no reply even after a long period of time had passed, and planned to message them again at some point, but honestly, I kind of forgot about it. A week ago or so I got a reply back and I got my issue resolved. This was a more than 2 months after I’d sent in the message.

Anyway, I just thought I’d mention my experience in case it’s somehow helpful. My guess is that the new system is glitchy and buggy, so it probably causes a mess and perhaps that’s why stuff like this happens. I definitely remember that the old system was more efficient. I’m honestly not sure what’s going on with this one…

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Yeah, Help Center is useless 99% of times

There has only been one time, when they helped me (and done so really fast)
Other times they just close the topic without even responding or say something like “we don’t know, what you mean” even though everything is rather clear

As for rating: maybe try rating on the website?


This is terrible, really!
You know darling! Countless times we were talking about a Channel and issues that VIKI doesn’t bother solving! This is such a disrespect toward us, customers and contributors. I gave up on Helps and even that useless Contributor Helps (It’s just another name for Helps which also have no assistance at all)
This happened to me by the end of 2023! I got 3 tickets open by almost 4-5 months. 1 about a channel, and 2 about badges. When the first day of 2024 started, my tickets were all closed and I got no response, like… Am I supposed to solve it by myself? I don’t think if I could do this by my own I would ask for assistance🤷‍♀️. This made me sooooo angry and I just blew up this. After that, I decided to send PMs to VIKI Staff directly. (Thank God this works more than years of waits).


Something similar happened to me today with the exception I did rate it as ‘‘Bad, not satisfied’’ and explained the reason, not that they will ever see it.

Had the same community team member answering me too…


My ticket about the low sound volume on a cdrama was also closed as solved while the issue is still present and although I sent links to the episode and explained in plain English… it was disregarded (they did write that they sent it to the respective department though).


It’s like banging your head against a wall. This post just made me pull up my help page… Almost the same situation. I feel they give automated bologne back to us because they have too many issues to resolve. The backlog is no joke but the fact that they have such serious poor customer service… I can wait to a fault if they are seriously trying to help but if they just generalize our complaints to gibberish and then throw us the automated reply, it just shows you our value to Viki.


It’s a very recent phenomenon. Earlier, my tickets were at least handled or my issues were heard. These days, they just close the ticket. The first time it happened with me, I was complaining about an unresponsive CM and inactive moderator. They told me to contact the moderator and closed my ticket. I mean… the mod is inactive, that’s why I came to Help Center. But who knows what’s going on internally in Viki.

Then I reopened the ticket, and hearing their next response angered me. They told me to contact the mod AGAIN. This time, I closed my ticket myself.

Maybe it has something to do with why they separated Help Centers.